Monday 3 November 2014

NEW IN: black is beautiful, butterfly heels, cable knit, gourmand perfumes, foodie stuff & make-up.

hello my dears, today i've got a new haul for you! beautiful (black) clothings from H&M (my very first cape and an elegant basic silk blend woolen shirt) and a blouse which reminded me of the tribute to marimekko collection which has been available in the H&M shops many years ago - maybe you will remember the collection or single pieces when seeing my new blouse in today's new in post. and there are shoes, and gourmand perfumes ... so many beautiful new things for a beautiful life 

what i am most happy about is my new cable knit sweater from zara, which i bought second hand at - i have had a very similar one when i was 15 and i loved it very much. but one day it was so threadbare i couldn't wear it anymore. i have searched for this model ever since and finally some days ago i have found it and i'm nearly permanently wearing it, overly happy 

i also love my new 'amour de cacao' perfume from 'comptoir sud pacifique' - THE fragrance label for everyone who is as much in love with gourmand perfumes and fragrances as me. the perfume really smells like chocolate - it's awesome XD ... i also got it from

furthermore another new perfume made its way onto my vanity - 'milkshake' by maliza: it smells like sugary milk, no joke! i already got one earlier, but it ran short so i was in need of a new one.

i also bought a new pair of heart shaped red sunnies from and i love them very much - think i'll also wear them in the upcoming winter days to brighten up my days a bit more - together with the orange or pink coloured woolen coats i'm still in search for they might could add a good bit of colour to grey and cold hours - what do you think? 

also my old and beloved cherry coloured lipstick from jade maybelline definitely ran short so it was high time to search for a new one, and i made a find, also at the H&M store, or rather two: a lipgloss and a lipstick. i already tested the lipstick and it's the same colour - i'm so happy about this purchase!

there's also a new and beautiful pair of high heels from dressv which found its way into my wardrobe. i love the yellow shade and the black and white butterfly details.

... and last but not least i got a book from a friend of mine, full of nice vegan baking recipes. i'm very thankful for this very special present 


  1. Those shoes look soo cool.


  2. Those shoes are really neat and I really like that cream color sweater!


  3. i need a piano in my life !! lovely pics


    P.S. I have posted my November wishlist up on my blog , check it out , u may be inspired !!

  4. The butterfly heels are so unique... I would actually wear these but they are a bit too tall for me... very pretty shoes though Dahi... have a great week xox


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