Saturday, 12 August 2017

TRAVEL: follow me to sestri levante.

[en] hi peeps! Some time ago i have gone on a roadtrip to italy with my friends danielle and dagmar. we spent most of our time in italy in the region of liguria – a divine piece of earth with splendid sandy beaches, sparkling blue sea and picture perfect towns which look very good on each travel pic you take.

in todays post i have picked out my most beautiful impressions from sestri levante, the neighboring village of moneglia where our bed & breakfast villa rosetta was located. paola, the owner of the guesthouse recommended this place and when we arrived there it definitely proved to be a must-visit for anyone travelling in liguria.

paola also suggested us an extraordinary location worth to visit: the vis à vis hotel with its beautiful panorama bar on the 5th floor, offering a phantasmagoric view over the whole of sestri levante and its yacht harbour. the bar is more than suitable for enjoying an 'aperitivo', which traditionally consists of a glass of aperol spritz, rosé wine or other beverages along with little snacks. 
oh, what a dream!

we were lucky because at the time of our visit there was a local fair. pretty stalls offered a lush abundance of flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables and a stall with cute shabby chic furniture and decoration.

i must admit that i liked the picture perfect scenery of sestri levante much better than portofino. it wasn't actually planned by us to visit the latter, but because of a totally bizarre coincidence we had the possibility to visit it anyway.

have you ever been to sestri levante? what would your favourite 'aperitivo' beverage look like?

Friday, 11 August 2017

SHOPPING: my latest fashion favourites from fashionmia.

[en] hi peeps! from my earlier posts you might already have noticed that i like to visit the online shop because it offers nice apparel at very affordable prices and good quality (check out my latest fashionmia outfit, wishlist and outfit collages).

today i want to show you my two latest fashion finds which will find their way into my wardrobe within the next few days.

i really love the yellow dress with its ruffled statement sleeves and the statement necklace with its pendants in the form of blue coloured leaves. due to the fact that i have already lost 20 pounds of weight (yay to that!) and feel much more comfortable in my own body i also begin to like form-fitting dresses and i believe that this dress has a good chance to become one of my favourite ones, partly because i'm very much into the colour yellow. the vegetative design of the statement necklace reminds me (only to a low percentage but nevertheless) of the art déco epoque.

i can't wait to bring them to life in one of my next shootings! stay tuned for the results!

have you already purchased something at and what do you think of my latest picks?  

Solid Round Neck Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Midi Bodycon Dress

A Suit Of Leaf Necklace And Earring

[de] hallo meine lieben! durch meine früheren posts habt ihr vielleicht bereits gemerkt, dass ich den onlineshop ziemlich gerne mag und dort auch regelmäßig shoppen gehe (hier findet ihr mein letztes outfit und outfit collagen, auf deren zusammenstellung ich immernoch sehr stolz bin *-*)

heute möchte ich euch meine letzten zwei fundstücke zeigen, welche auch ganz bald schon bei mir ankommen werden.

sind das gelbe kleid und die blätter kette nicht echte hingucker?! das kleid liebe ich wegen dem schönen, warmen gelb und wegen den gerüschten statement ärmeln. ich habe es aber auch ausgewählt, da ich in der letzten zeit bereits ganze 10 kilo abgenommen habe (und worauf ich auch mehr als stolz bin!) und mich nun auch in etwas figurbetonteren kleidern wohl fühle.

die statement-kette mag ich sehr gerne wegen des vegetativen designs, welches mich ganz, ganz entfernt an die epoche des art deco erinnert – aber wirklich nur ganz leicht! In verbindung mit dem gelben, leicht ins ockerfarbene gehende kleid wird das ein schöner komplementärkontrast – was meint ihr?

ich kann es kaum erwarten beide teile in einem meiner nächsten shootings mit leben zu füllen – freut euch auf die ergebnisse!

habt ihr bereits im onlineshop eingekauft und was denkt ihr über meine neuesten fundstücke?

Monday, 7 August 2017

TRAVEL + OUTFIT: a picture perfect outfit location - villa rosetta in moneglia, italy.

[en] hi peeps! the past few days were blessed with much sun but that fotunately has changed since yesterday. if you're afflicted with rain and cloudy skies i want to send you some rays of sun in todays post! i have captured them when i stayed in italy some weeks ago. we spent most of our time in moneglia in the italian area of liguria, a really divine spot on earth. every town is so picture perfect, so typically italian and so wonderfully worthwhile for excursions of any time. our residence also was located near a national park where we amazing hiking tours were possible and of course we also made use of this! because of all this i felt a bit sad when we had to depart … and that's why i will return to italy in this years autumn!

todays outfit impressions emerged at the bed & breakfast we stayed at during our visit to italy. it's called villa rosetta and is located in moneglia. it really has been a picture perfect location for outfit photos. paola, the the owner of this lovely bed & breakfast, has taken very good care of us during our stay, made delicious italian breakfasts and offered us the possibility of amazing excursions i will definitely never forget. a beautiful and absolutely recommendable place to stay at during your visit in moneglia, sestri levante or cinqueterre. the only shortcoming could be the arrival which definitely isn't for people with a fear of heights (like me, for example! #exposuretherapy XD)

by the way this was my first time i had the possibility to experience the 'real italy'. when i was 12 years old i have stayed in italy for the very first time. we stayed in vals in south tyrol, which is best known as a skiing area.

now finally a wonderful time under the bright sun, the amazing blue sea, scenic towns only accessible by train, excellent olive oil, fried fish, pizza and pasta in manifold variations! … but i skipped the ice cream and i really could kick myself but, well, i wanted to follow my diet no matter what, and i guess that counts as a good reason – nevertheless i can tell you that i definitely ate much more carbs during these few days than during the past 3 months XD

have you already got the possibility to experience the 'real italy'? where have you stayed and which places would you still want to visit there?

model & styling: dahi k.
location: villa rosetta, liguria, italy.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

SHOOTING: le rouge et le noir - alba moda dress & mango biker jacket.

[en] hi peeps! well the weather leaves much to be desired these past few days, but nevertheless anyone of us should think positive and try to embrace the small, happy things in life - everything else is unhealthy and well, anyone of us has only one life to live so every single person is responsible to live it to the fullest.

today some photographs of bright sunshine, beautiful nature and a sleeveless red dress for you, accompanied by a leather jacket because there was quite a nip in the air the last days.

i have named todays post not only after the two colours i have put my outfit together with, but also a great work of literature, 'the red and the black' by novelist stendhal, in its original language called 'le rouge et le noir'. i haven't read it myself yet, but it's definitely on my literary bucket list. but what i can tell is that i really love classic literature - among my favourite all-time classic novelists i can definitely mention  tolstoi, goethe, austen, byron and ... of course, shakespeare.

are you also fond of reading - and if so: do you have favourite authors/novelists?

model & styling: dahi k.

Monday, 24 July 2017

IMPRESSIONS: the geisha - my first beauty shoot.

[en] hi peeps! i have always wanted to be a part of an extravagant beauty shoot (and this wish also became a part of my current list of 101 things in 1001 days). this year my dream finally came true!

photographer simon dundee once had the idea to realize a geisha shooting. his friend sebastian ritter who runs a photographic studio in hagenbach was also fond of the idea and was able to contribute a kimono he bought on his latest trip to japan. make-up artist kate created my geisha make-up with white airbrush colour, black eyeliner, pink eyeshadow and red lipstick. i have taken some photos of the formation process and out of cam shots. of course we also haven't forgot to take some fun shots and selfies.

kate had planned to go to a mardi gras party afterwards and thus also dressed and made herself up to be party-ready and she looked quite stunning, what do you think ?!

what do you think about our realization of the geisha theme?

Friday, 21 July 2017

IMPRESSIONS: le dîner en blanc, baden-baden '17.

[en] milano, paris, new york, berlin, tokyo. people dressed up all in white meet at a location not announced until shortly before the actual event takes place to celebrate life and indulge in good food and wine. a hedonistic enjoyment with a beautiful community feeling: this would be the perfect characterization of this all white spectacle.

the first dîner en blanc took place in paris, where the host of a totally overcrowded garden party spontaneously decided to relocate his party and of course all of his guests into the nearest public park.

it's a worldwide phenomenon and since 2015 it also takes place in baden-baden.

all the guests who want to attend have to bring their own food and drinks, but it's definitely no casual BBQ but a spontaneous and elegant dinner party, and that's why you should also keep this in mind while planning your menu. it should have three courses, all containing cold dishes. you could serve oysters, carpaccio, gazpacho, maybe saté en brochette, quiche, cake and layered desserts served in glasses.
attending guests bring their own tables and chairs and a white table cloth. fresh flowers and candlesticks create an aesthetic overall image.

it was my first time to ever attend this all white event, and it was such a beautiful experience. i still felt a bit tired from my last trip to paris and didn't have loads of time for preparing the dishes and presentation of our table but despite that i totally looked forward to eventually be a part of it.

i dedided on preparing mediterranean puff pastries filled with zuccini and tomato slices, quiche lorraine and apricot dumplings with red berry compote. our three courses were accompanied by local red wine and brut d'argent.

i have worn my beloved white mango dress, a white blazer with a glistening lapel, saint laurent earrings and white sneakers from adidas for a nice break of style.

by wearing the same colour and by sharing an exquisite experience with good food and drinks a beautiful community spirit emerged.
lighting sparklers in the mild summer air perfectly rounded out this wonderful event.
this definitely won't have been my last dinner in white!

if you want to be a part of the next dinner in white, stay tuned by following the official website of the dîner en blanc.

have you ever attended a dîner en blanc yourselves?

Thursday, 20 July 2017

SHOOTING: rosengarten baden-baden feat. sandro ferrone.

[en] hi peeps! today the sun deserts us but that's okay because the last two months i had loads of quality time with friends and had the opportunity to visit many old and new beautiful places. in the course of the next days and weeks i will show you my impressions of strasbourg, paris, milano, pisa, liguria and many others. also stay tuned to see some more impressions of london!

this year i also finally found the time to visit the picturesque and odorous rose society garden in baden-baden and take some outfit photos with my favourite photographer florian gehrmann. it is such a beautiful place and definitely a must-visit in baden-baden during summer time. don't miss your chance to visit it. it counts as one of the most prestigious and beautiful rose gardens in the whole of europe.

i have worn a lilac cocktail dress from sandro ferrone and an occasional hat which would be perfect for the next horse racing season in baden-baden/iffezheim starting at the end of august 2017 - a social event you shouldn't miss if you like people watching and dressing up!

have you ever visited the rose society garden in baden-baden or a horse racing?

model & styling: dahi k.

Moltkestraße 3
76530 Baden-Baden

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

SHOOTING: bell sleeves & colour blocking.

photography: gehrmann portrait-fotografie.
model & styling: dahi k.
location: baden-baden, germany.

Friday, 26 May 2017

SHOOTING: an orange jumpsuit and black leather jacket for a casino visit in baden-baden.

[en] hi folks! today i've got a new outfit post for you. some of you might already have seen some impressions on my insta profile. we have shot some photos of my orange TOPSHOP jumpsuit and my new leather jacket from MANGO at the glamorous bernstein club, located in the casino of baden-baden, one of my favourite places to be in this beautiful town that i can call my home for two years already.

mostly i don't play roulette or blackjack but send my time at the bernstein club. i really love the eclectic and luxurious interieur with it's complementary shades of purple and gold. i also believe it to be one of the best places in BB for high quality cocktails (my favourite is the mai tai deluxe - you should try it when in town) and they play some really great tunes - every week you can listen to international star DJ's showing their repertoire. it's just a pity that every time i went there, nobody was eager to rock the dance floor ... would be time for a change!

if you want to visit it yourselves, here's the full address:
Bernstein Club
Kaiserallee 1
76530 Baden-Baden

have you guys ever visited a casino? did you play roulette and gained (or lost) a fortune?

photography: gehrmann portrait-fotografie.
model & styling: dahi k.
location: bernstein club/casino baden-baden.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

IMPRESSIONS: my daily facial cleaning ritual.

[en] hi peeps! today i want to show you the products of my daily facial cleaning routine. i have never really been a beauty junkie or someone who would spend hours and hours in drugstores and such - on that score i'm quite narrow-minded but that's due to my very sensitive facial skin and that thus it's quite difficult for me to find the perfect products compatible with it. 
for a long time i was in search for the best products which don't cause allergic reactions and it really seemed like a never-ending journey. i also had problems with natural cosmetics because they often contain cotton and well ... it seems that my skin doesn't like such ingredients. 
well but some years ago i have found the items which are perfect for my skin (and i hope that they'll never be pulled from the stores XD).

for cleaning my skin and to remove makeup i use the 3 in 1 pureté thermale cleansing milk from vichy, which is only available in pharmacies but i often tend to buy them online (for example here) because it's cheaper and more comfortable because i'm also often too lazy to go into the city to buy it there.

if i put on a more intense eye make-up (with chanel inimitable waterproof and zoeva black to earth) i start with micelles cleansing water with argan oil, which is perfect for waterproof make-up and use the vichy cleansing milk afterwards.

sometimes, if i think that my skin is too dry, i put on my weleda almond face cream which is perfect for my sensible and dry skin. it has a very smooth texture and not greasy. other creams for sensitive skin were way too greasy and caused me spots and well and i can't be expected to put up with that!

what are your essentials for your daily facial cleaning ritual and which products do you favour?

Sunday, 7 May 2017

SHOOTING: #bodypositivity VS. #bodygoals + ruffles, florals & cat eyes.

[en] hi peeps! i hope you're having a great day! some days ago it was such a nice and lovely warm day and thus i seized the moment and took some photos of my latest perfect dress catch - a ruffled chiffon dress from TOSAVE: it is light, has an amazing comfortable fit and its lemon ice cream colour is perfect for spring/summer - i simply love it! when i put it on in addition with my new flowery ASOS wedges it immediately can lift my mood to new heights! 

but what i like the most about these photos is that you can see that i'm making great strides to reach my desired weight - i have already lost 15 pounds and i'm feeling so fabulous! to lose some weight is also one of my points on my 101 things in 1001 days bucket list. i was very dissatisfied with my weight and body and now i learn to love my own body afresh. 

but i've got another thing to say: 
not in the least i am affected by brainwashing advertising or societies perception of beauty. i was simply not feeling well and i wanted to be able to look into the mirror and to be able to feel attractive. i love the #bodypositivity movement - and i can recommend any of my (female) readers to watch the film 'EMBRACE' which deals with this special topic - and i think that plus size models can look super gorgeous - just think of ashley graham, or serena williams - but it is my very own, very personal #bodygoal to reach 55kg and yes, that's fully my own, personal decision.

what do you think about the hashtags #bodypositivity & #bodygoals? do you also try to reach a desired weight?

model & styling: dahi k.
location: arvato bertelsmann office building, baden-baden.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

GIVEAWAY: happy easter with 4711 acqua colonia white peach & coriander.

[en] happy easter my beautiful people! i hope you're having a super fun time with your family, good food and great gifts ... and for this festive occasion i want to give you the opportunity to receive another beautiful gift: i'm raffling one vial of 4711 acqua colonia white peach & coriander by courtesy of

the beautiful crystal vial contains a beautiful fragrance with a very intense fruity flavour of white peaches and a splash of coriander which adds a lemonlike scent to it - in my opinion the perfect perfume for the upcoming summer season. 
this fragrance definitely deserves a like!

and here's how to participate:

you can participate if you're a follower of my blog on at least one of my social media channels.
the more channels you're following me with, the more chances you will have to win! each channel will grant you one ticket, thus you will have the possibility to earn up to 10 tickets!

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this giveaway will be open until the 30st of april 2017, CET 23:59. participants taking part afterwards cannot be taken into account anymore. the winners will be announced asap after the giveaway has ended.

this giveaway is open worldwide so don't hesitate to try your luck!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

SHOOTING: blue velvet maxi dress, monochrome blazer, calvin klein bag.

[en] hello my dears! sorry for not having posted for so long, but i had piles of work to do, big individualized orders from customers to process and new creative projects such as origami dragons and dragon eggs in vintage style boxes (which you can also check out in my online shop Tamako Design).

also i have enjoyed the wonderful weather these past 2 weeks (!!!) in baden-baden and taken loads of new outfit photos - for example a special outfit to celebrate the milestone of 20k on instagram at the casino of baden-baden. YAY!

you can now, finally, also add me on snapchat - you can find me under the name 'strangenessblog'.

today i've got a new outfit post for you, feat. a blue velvet maxi dress from zaful and a monochrome blazer from madeleine which i have bought second-hand at - my new favourite blazer.

do you also have a snapchat account? drop your member names in the comment section and let's follow each other!

model & styling: dahi k.
photography: gehrmann portrait-fotografie.
location: castle gardens rastatt, germany.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

SHOOTING & GIVEAWAY: let's celebrate STRANGENESS AND CHARMS' 5th blog anniversary!

[en] hi peeps! today is a very special day for me. it marks the 5th anniversary of strangeness and charms and that definitely calls for a celebration!

strangeness and charms was initiated on the 4th of march 2012 with the thought to let the world have an insight into my views of all the things having a core importance in my life: fashion as an artform, culture and capturing beauty in a photographic way.

i will never regret the decision to initiate strangeness and charms, because it had a great impact on me (and my not so confident self), because it has become a very great part of my daily life and because it gave me the possibility to inspire people and to get inspired in return, to work with amazing brands and designers, to meet many amazing people and to build up friendships with people i might not have met otherwise (love you, chrissi, daij, héloise_lilyce, olesyaann-cathérine & so many others ).

i want to thank you, my dear readers, for your loyality and your support through the years. you have helped me to make strangeness and charms what it is today - an amazing community of people who all share the same passion: the love for beauty in all its various forms.

today i want to share a special outfit with you which we have shot in the venerable ruins of the old castle in baden-baden. it was one of the first warm days of this still quite new year and i was wearing my new pink midi dress from & other stories and my favourite short velvet blazer from H&M trend - both bought on the second hand shopping platform - and of course my favourite vintage pearl earrings from CHANEL. two chanel presents will also await you in my special 5th anniversary giveaway that i have prepared for you. 
my outfit was accompanied by 15 round golden balloons and one big one in the shape of the number five. 
it was such a fun shot and i hope that you enjoy the photos!

so now let's come to the special giveaway i have prepared as a thank you for you, my dear readers and for this festive occasion!

you have the possibility to win one of 5 fabulous prices:
  1. an authentic JORD wood watch model frankie with dark sandalwood and an emerald clock-face (worth $189 USD)
  2. a pair of handcrafted and gilded Amandine amethyst earrings from my online store Tamako Design
  3. CHANEL lipstick Rouge Allure in 257 ultrarose
  4. the coffee table book CHANEL collections and creations by danièle bott
  5. the LITTLE BLACK BOOK by sofie valkiers

and here's how to participate:

since i regard this giveaway as a special thank you for my followers, please do only participate if you're a follower of my blog on at least one of my social media channels.
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thank you for your loyality and your support - and here's to the next 5 years to come! there is already much planned for this year (and the next years, too) so stay tuned!

lots of love
              ♡ dahi