Monday 9 April 2012

happy easter!

happy easter! :)

yesterday we went to the korean church for mass in mannheim and afterwards there was a big feast. it's tradition in our church that everyone has lunch after mass, also since nearly all our church members are students who made the long way from korea to germany, and they do not always have the possibility to eat good korean food. on feast days there is a much bigger selection of nice korean food and also several cakes and pastries the housewifes made especially for that great day. today it was like that, too. oh gosh, my belly still hurts - i've eaten too much. but my dress was very comfortable, since it is very functional - you never can see the amount of food i'm eating because it has a loose-fitting cut. this absolutely meets my expectations haha.

a good friend of mine from frankfurt and her nephew who came to germany now as an exchange student. they also came to visit us in the evening for another big easter feast.

goodies for the kids.
our choir.

it was a musical mass with much more music than usually. here are two videos of our choir.

the kids while doing handicrafts.

 nice korean food. <3
... and cake afterwards.

afterwards me and my beloved boyfriend drank a nice cup of chai latte in one of our favourite cafés, the 'koenigs' in ludwigshafen. such a lovely place!

 then we went for a nice at the rhine river ...

 stairway to heaven.

... the dove was so pretty - i had to make several photos of it :D

earrings: betsey johnson
blazer: ONLY
dress: H&M
ring: beijing exclusive
bag: LV
shoes: H&M

in the evening the feast continued with nice food my mum cooked for me and our guests, an old friend from frankfurt and her nephew.

i wish you a wonderful easter monday with your families and beloved ones.
have a lot of sunshine, nice food and happiness!



  1. Danke das wünsche ich dir auch!;)
    Du scheinst ja schöne Ostern gehabt zu haben!
    Schönes Outfit!

  2. Frohe Ostern! :-)
    Blog Posts dieser Art gefallen mir immer am besten. Weiter so!

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Great post and beautiful photos! :)

  4. awesome post with a lot of great pictures. love the goodie bag for the kids as well as the gorgeous striped tights.



  5. danke für deinen lieben kommentar :)

    ich hoffe du hattest frphe ostern :)


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  7. Ja, hatte auch frohe Ostern. :)


  8. woar! die bilder sind echt gut geworden :) schönes outfit und das essen sieht echt lecker aus *-*



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