Wednesday 11 April 2012

heisted breath.

now i don't know anything. anything anymore. now i'm here without you. once more. now i simply don't know what to do. everytime we part, i feel as if i'm only one half of the human being i can be when i'm with you. with you, i am whole. i just can't help it. i feel so lost without you. you heisted the whole of me. you heisted my breath, my body, my love, my life. i feel myself dying a little more with every day i cannot be near to you. i have been craving for you, all my life. and since the day i met you, since the day you made me yours, i'm missing you ever more. you have shown me the feeling of getting happy and sad at the same time, although i know i can have all worldly goods i have ever dreamed about. but all i want is one thing - being near to you, all the rest of my life. i simply want you. i'm craving for you, simply because you have the abilty to make me whole and turn me into nothing in unision. because you carry this heart in your hand i cannot ever again call my own. all i want is you. i just can't help it. i need you. i love you.


  1. Finde deinen Blog wirklich toll und werde dich auch verfolgen! :)

    lg Joy

  2. Danke Dir XD
    Naja 'verliebt' ist übertrieben. Süß war er :)

  3. Würde ich, aber ist leider nichts mehr da XD Ich kann es Dir ja nächstes Mal im Maxibrief schicken!? :D
    Liebe Grüße!


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