Saturday 26 May 2012

music: the evolution of nakedness.

today i really have to pour out my heart to all of you.

... on thursday we went to the national theatre in mannheim. i indulge in opera. the music is fanciful, sensual and emotional. i absolutely adore productions that are true to the originals, because they can let you feel the music to a considerable degree.
and if a composer invents such a great piece of music, one can be quite sure that his idea of the production must be as beautiful as the former.

yesterday we saw 'turandot'. before that we already saw 'la bohème' and, last time 'madama butterfly'. both productions were very true to the originals and abundant in the scenography
'turandot' shall be an exception of dramatic degree - in the negative sense.

it was, what i described it to be, an 'evolution of nakedness'. when the curtain opened and the light slowly went on, and we saw those three baldheaded men in their bright red suits, it somewhat foreshadowed that evil things were about to happen. ... and then we saw the steel frameworks. and the choir members enthroned upon them. and this huge, oversized projection surface that whirled around itself. all right. but when a children's choir slowly started to walk in, headed by the smallest of them, completely dressed up, followed by older children, then followed by teenagers, half naked, and finally a man, COMPLETELY naked (yeah, you could see his ding-a-ling behind his oh so large bush) who first bowed before the audience and then turned to howl to the oversized projection surface which in this moment should embody the moon (well, i just think so. it's all so modern. it could have been anything.), you just tried to wonder what the artistic director, regula gerber, wanted to tell you.

in the end we both were so absolutely dissatisfied that we left the theatre after the first act.
... if we had stayed, we would have had the same need to howl to the moon in the form of an oversized projection surface i might think.

they really put foot in it. 
it was very distressing.

you know, i always thought of music to be my first love and my last. and i especially bear a great love for classical music and for opera. i fell in love with the latter when i was 15. it was 'la bohème' and it should be a love for life. i love authentic productions because then you can really feel the music and the story behind it. opera is somewhat a theatre play with music. you should grasp both of it in unison. and this time, the music was again phenomenal. really. and the tenors and soprano singers were fantastic. 
... but the presentation was more than shitty.
no matter what you have done, you just couldn't feel it - the atmosphere of the music, the story. and this was the greatest of the many flaws of this performance.

WHAT do people expect by a modern interpretation of a play that was written more than 100 years ago? why not do it the traditional way? why not interprete it just like the composer himself wanted it to be?
don't they have enough respect or what is it that tempts those fuckers to ruin such a masterpiece of opera in this unbelievably fucked up way?!

because of these productions and presentations i also hate to go to theatre plays. actually, i have never visited one again after i saw 'peer gynt' in the very same theatre in this very same city. you can think why.

you see, i'm still a little disgusted of this destroyed evening. the pleasant anticipation flew away quite quickly. ... well, alcohol, fast food and love had compensated this a bit.
... luckily.

yeah, call me narrow-minded. 
or obsolete.
but i'm REALLY open and receptive to innovations of all kinds. and i'm really not prude.
but i really HATE it if people cannot pay enough respect to the works of fantastic artists. and in this case, and mostly also in all other cases of modern interpretations of theatre plays and operas it has been like that.
and i absolutely hate it when children are placed in front of completely naked choir singers. they are CHILDREN - for god's sake !!!

i also hated those modern interpretations of classical works of world literature in school in those bygone days. 
no wonder no one could love the books read in school. they should think about it.
they also should think about this rather blank rows of the audience this thursday.

no matter what, the 'mannheimer morgen' or the 'rheinpfalz' newspapers say.

i think this was more than crap !!!

jumpsuit: H&M
blazer: H&M
belt: moschino
earrings: vintage
bag: bally


  1. Schöner Blog und schöner Text wie immer. War total gefesselt von deiner mir im Theater auch schon mal passiert. Hatte mir ein klassisches Stück anschauen wollen und es wurde total vermurkst...Kunstblut, ziemlich widerliche Sex-Szenen und entblöste Körperteile wohin das Auge sehen konnte. Echt traurig! Schade dass es für euch auch so "eklig" endete.

  2. Der Gürtel! :)

  3. tolle fotos! :)

  4. Huch kommst du auch aus Mannheim? :D

  5. Sehr schöne Fotos und Blog.

  6. schöne Bilder :)

    LG Mona

  7. OMG schreibst du viel. :)
    Ist ja ein interssantes Theatrstück^^

    LG cind

  8. Ich kenn das auch. Bin manchmal echt enttäuscht, was die aus so nem Theaterstück machen..

  9. die cocktails sehen lecker aus , und der burger auch *-* :DD

  10. Oh dein outfit ist wirklich wunderschön. seiht stylisch, aber nicht overdresst aus.
    Bin neidisch auf deinen Gürtel ;)

    Lese deinen Blog so gern, mach weiter so.
    LG <3

  11. Looks like a perfect day, when all day long u spend outside with people u love!U walk around, get some drinks, laugh and remember some funny stories and jokes u made up together:)) It's so great to have those kind of days and what is more important u can share your warm emotions with others...


Danke, dass du deine Gedanken teilst.