Monday 21 May 2012

food love: world of sweets package.

2 days ago i received a package from the 'world of sweets' online shop. this is an online shop for international chocolates, chips and candy from all over the world.
it's the mecca for everyone with a sweet tooth.
they also have a broad selection of arizona iced teas and special packages, like a sortiment called 'taste of america', etc.

i don't like them that much. a bit too sweet. and it feels as if you have 4 pieces of chewing gum in your mouth. it's just too much. tastes good, en masse. well, each (wo)man to his own.

i knew cadburry before i received the world of sweets package but this sort i haven't tasted yet. so i was quite curious about it. i really love white chocolate (how did they know ??? ;)) and i really liked the cadburry white chocolate buttons. not really buttons in that sense but rather they look like drops - my beloved one said they looked just like the drops he fed his hamster with. haha :D but it's not about the looks, it's about the taste, huh ?! ... and it's a fine taste. i smacked some hint of vanilla flavours in it. the chocolate melts on your tongue oh so slow ... really recommendable.

such a long product name and well, it also is an explosion in your mouth! very aquatic (just like the other green tea sort i tried recently), but not watery. with a fine fresh taste of mandarine and a fine flowery note (this must have been the jasmine flavour). maybe you could think of a lemonade without carbon dioxide, a bit less sugar and a refreshing taste. i like that sort now the best of all arizona teas i already tried, but let's see how it changes - after all it is really delicious and i can reccomend it to anyone who likes sweet tea! it's not comparable to other iced teas, because this one really tastes natural and not like sugar water (actually i hate most of the regular iced tea products from other companies, especially lipton iced tea, uaaaaah -.-).

i hoped that it would taste just like the peach juice in korea which i absolutely adore and it did !!! another time an aquatic taste, but not watery. the flavour of peach is sweet and gently. not comparable to other iced tea products, especially from lipton. their peach iced tea is way too sweet!

i was really happy when i discovered them, because i really love everything from korea. not only because i am half korean (my mum comes from south korea and i've been there quite often) but also simply because of the fact that EVERYTHING i ever tried there tastes so delicious!
these chips where no exception. very crunchy and sweet. just the way i like it. you can really feel the taste of honey on your tongue. let it melt in your mouth and then chew it.
an extraordinary taste from the far east!

pepsi wild cherry:
in the past i really loved cherry coke when it first came into the stores. i was really mad about it. someday there was no cherry coke. but there was who had cherry coke, it's not cherry coke but pepsi wild cherry, but it also tasted delicious! the only difference is that the cherry flavour in coca cola tasted a bit more natural than the pepsi alternative. but that's okay.

i can really recommend the 'world of sweets' online shop for anyone with a sweet tooth and a faible for international candies, chips and chocolates.
the package arrived within a few days and the minimum durability date of all the sweets and drinks were a long way away.

i'll surely revert to them!


  1. Gerne doch, ich verfolg dich jetzt :)

  2. Ich hab auch so eine Schwäche für schönes Verpackungsdesign! Liebe Grüße :)

  3. Gerne :)
    Ich verfolge dich dann jetzt!
    LG cris ^^

  4. Freut mich zu hören, dass der Hulahoop-Reifen bei dir so tolle Ergebnisse erzielt hat! Die Noppen sind zwar anfangs etwas unangenehm aber man gewöhnt sich eh schnell daran! Ich "trainiere" meist eine viertelstunde in meiner Mittagspause und am Abend dann bis zu einer halben Stunde! Mal schauen wann man Ergebnisse sieht :)

    Den Arizona iced tea mandarin orange finde ich total gut, einer meiner liebsten aus der Arizona-Familie!

    Liebe Grüße,

  5. hmhm fein ! *-*
    arizona iced tea mandarin orange ist mein absoluter liebling! :)


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