Tuesday 7 May 2013

FOOD: asparagus with sauce hollandaise, potato balls and pork.

i was SOOOOOO proud when i made my first asparagus and i succeeded! just like every time when i try a new receipt and it's a success - that's actually always the case but every time i'm SOOOOO over the moon and i feel just like i could achieve anything. it's just like the same feeling i get when my little schoolchildren get a good mark, when i learn a new piano piece, when i eat chocolate or when i get a beautiful compliment 

... i made the asparagus with hollandaise, potato croquettes and skewers with pork and bacon. looks yummie, huh ?! :D

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  1. i loveeeeeee asparragus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks absolutely delicious! And I like that plate of yours!

  3. it's look great;)

  4. Ich überlege gerade: ich glaube der "Geheimtipp" zum Strand war dort gewesen! Ist das da, wo es auch den Leuchtturm gibt?

    Danke dir, die Flip Flops sind echt zuckersüß und supergünstig, die sind aus diesen "Türkenläden" (sorry, wenn ich das jetzt so sage, aber die Chefs sind eigentlich zu 100% Türken und haben absolut fabalhafte Ware :-D )

  5. That looks so awesome, i'm really hungry now! :)


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