Wednesday 8 May 2013

haul, vintage, lace, mrs. greenbird and pink ♥

i've got a new lovely haul for you! these are items i bought the last days, now compressed in one neat haul post!

i received my mrs. greenbird tickets - yeeeeeah! :D i will see sarah and steffen on the 14th of mai in saarbruecken. i'm so looking forward to it.

the first dress is from mint&berry and i already love it SO MUCH because it has the perfect shape for me because i love breezy and loose vintage (style) dresses with an elegant touch! i love the mint colour and the white peter pan collar - i'm so in love with this style! i always loved vintage and retro, also when i was a young adolescent (and i also wore petticoats and circle skirts in school - no matter the bedlam glimpses!), so this fashion movement is just my thing! 

the delicate pink blouse with lacy details is from a shop where my mum likes to buy most of her new stuff, it's called 'one way' and is located in the rathaus center in ludwigshafen - it's much less crowded than the rheingalerie (also in ludwigshafen) and you have more leisure for strolling around and trying on some new clothes. i saw this blouse and immediately fell in love with it!

the white one has the same style and is from one way, too. just like the jeans blouse with metal details.

the white lacy parasol is for the next shooting with itechkast. but i always wanted to have one like this, so now was the perfect time! i bought it on and i received it on monday.

the delicate white tulle blouse/jacket is also from and i think it would fit perfectly with a white, fluffy dress and the parasol - so romantic :)

and well, the pink ostrich leather bag isn't new, but a bag i bought years ago but in the past i thought it's too flashy and i didn't feel so well when i wore it outside. so i gave it to my mum but she really never wore it, too, because she actually hated pink! and some days ago one carbine of my red leather bag broke so i needed another bag with long shoulder straps because i hate to wear a bag with my hands (also because of its weight) and i found it in her room, totally dusty and well, now i absolutely love it and i wear it every day!

the epaulettes were also bought on

the hidden sneaker wedges were bought at, don't laugh, aldi sued! i immediately fell in love with them and guess what - they are unbelievably comfortable to walk in. omg i love them so much.

the red hat is from C&A. i always wanted a red beret and finally i succeeded, haha. and the brown one with the floral detail is from C&A, too.

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  1. Der Schirm, die Blusen, die Tasche *-* wunderschön. Was für Schätze man so auf ebay bekommen kann.

    Lieber Gruß

  2. great stuff;)

  3. Wow, die ersten vier Teile sind super schön. ♡

  4. Tolle Sachen =) Die Tüllbluse gefällt mir am besten und ich finde schon ewig, man sollte Sonnenschirme wieder einführen, irgendwie muss ich schließlich meine edle Blässe schützen ;-)


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