Friday, 30 November 2012

outfit: if you could eat the darkness what would it taste like?

my dear ones! today one of my favourite outfits with my wonderful 100% silk blouse from hoss intropia. in some minutes a piano student will arrive - gotta go :) i hope you have a nice, sunny day <3

silk blouse: hoss intropia
skirt: ASOS via KK
blazer: H&M
cashmere beret: galeria kaufhof
oxfords: vintage

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

the coloured sound of music.

[a solitairy, lonely girl
found the one who made her see
she's not lonely anymore,
and gave her a soltaire to make her see
she's his girl… and will be his –

[I love your ways.
Your way of talking, walking,
singing with your hands, which fly over the piano
as crinkly waves on the sea,
or a seagull,
letting itself be worn on winds above the ocean.]

[You alone color my life with music
And I’m speechless of the sounds
you make me dare to hear
My melodies are only composed
for being heard by you 
because I love you.]

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

food love: buttered beer.

back in germany! 

spain was great, and warm - except for the flat. XD photos will follow, so stay tuned! but first of all ... anyone fancy a buttered beer? ;)

are you a HP fan, too? :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

travelling love: valencia.

in 2011 i went to valencia, spain. the city is amazing - you should visit it! ... i digged up my old photos because we fly to guardamar del segura TODAY! thus i will be away until the 26th of november and won't post anything in this time. 

i'm so absolutely excited to visit wonderful spain for the 2nd time. i really love the country, the mediterranean cuisine and the spirit of the people.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

outfit: tu es le ciel, moi le terre.

hell yeah !!! don't these pants fit nicely? ;) i urgently needed a leather pant in black because i had none - exactly none which would fit, because i gained somewhat more weight in this year ... well thus i purchased one at i ordered it on monday evening and on friday it arrived ... so quite fast, them people! ;)

faux leather pant: vero moda via
shirt: H&M
boots: deichmann
watch: rolex
cashmere beret: galeria kaufhof
leather belt:

how do you like my outfit? :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

longing for home ...

... i'm longing to visit korea again, the homeland of my mother. i consider it my 2nd home, besides germany, where i was born.

there are two worlds amalgamated in my soul, and i know where i belong: to this world ... this world is my home - and i want to see all the beauty of it.

a palace in seoul.

hyundai department centre.

lotte world - the worlds biggest indoor theme park. here you can see the indoor ice rank.

a little island - i took the photo during a boat trip with my family.

my brother.



a cliff in busan.

a little island in busan.

in haeundae.

lotte world.

lotte world.

lotte world.

lotte world.

me, my mum, my cousin and a lovely speaking cuddly toy.

this is the dog of my aunt, dori. she loves strawberries and cream. we often ate them together.


today i want to introduce you to another great blog, called 'awesomination'. the founder is vince, another of the seldomly found male bloggers, but with all their heart!

a quote which cites that very well, states that ' [...] i could say that my camera is an instrument, my blog a lovely song and every single post a note, which only make sence altogether.'

très sympa! 
... and what do you think?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

now dream, forgotten.

now dream, forgotten
in the somnambulists sleep
my solid sensation
hacked and picked.

and innocence slipped away
in a kiss of life

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

outfit: no, i'm not giving up - i'm just giving in.

my outfit of the day! the earrings from disney couture were a gift from my wonderful boyfriend on the occassion of our one year anniversary. it's based on the disney movie 'the beauty and the beast' - one of my favourite disney movies! ... i've always dreamed of possessing the enchanted rose jewellery because it is so abnormously beautiful ... and then the one i've always waited for granted me those to our anniversary.

i love you so much, dear ...

blouse: vintage
skirt: ebay
boots: schuhtempel24
watch: rolex
earrings: disney couture

what do you think of my outfit?

... oh, and btw: did you know that 'the beauty and the beast' is no exclusive invention of the disney film studios? this disney movie is a movie version of a french folklore tale named 'la belle et la bête'. first written down by gabrielle-suzanne de villeneuve in 1740 and they say the people knew it already in the 14th century AD!

Monday, 12 November 2012

outfit: ain't no bogart, ain't no bugger.

heyya dears! :)

... got a new trench from oasap and i already LOVE IT !!! ... and also new shoes from schuhtempel24 :) they have such lovely shoes at low budget prices and my new boots are quite comfortable although they have such high heels. you should also sign in for their newsletter, they have several discount campaigns each month. you should really stop by there!

the skirt is one of my alltime favourites because of the houndstooth design. the vintage blouse was bought at

trenchcoat: oasap
blouse: vintage
skirt: ebay

do you like my outfit? :)

shopping love: ag fashion.

... some days ago i received my package from ag-fashion. they have sent me a nice rayon cardigan (it's soooo fluffy ) and a pair of nice feather earrings in gold and green. the quality of the items is very good - you should stop by there. the cardigan is about 25€ and the earrings about 15€.

what do you think of my new stuff?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

shopping love: rings & tings.

... some days ago i received my package from 'rings & tings', an onlineshop for really stunning jewellery. i received a cool skull armlet, a hooked apple necklace and a cute crown ring.

what do you think of this selection?