Tuesday 13 November 2012

outfit: no, i'm not giving up - i'm just giving in.

my outfit of the day! the earrings from disney couture were a gift from my wonderful boyfriend on the occassion of our one year anniversary. it's based on the disney movie 'the beauty and the beast' - one of my favourite disney movies! ... i've always dreamed of possessing the enchanted rose jewellery because it is so abnormously beautiful ... and then the one i've always waited for granted me those to our anniversary.

i love you so much, dear ...

blouse: vintage
skirt: ebay
boots: schuhtempel24
watch: rolex
earrings: disney couture

what do you think of my outfit?

... oh, and btw: did you know that 'the beauty and the beast' is no exclusive invention of the disney film studios? this disney movie is a movie version of a french folklore tale named 'la belle et la bête'. first written down by gabrielle-suzanne de villeneuve in 1740 and they say the people knew it already in the 14th century AD!

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