Sunday 18 November 2012

outfit: tu es le ciel, moi le terre.

hell yeah !!! don't these pants fit nicely? ;) i urgently needed a leather pant in black because i had none - exactly none which would fit, because i gained somewhat more weight in this year ... well thus i purchased one at i ordered it on monday evening and on friday it arrived ... so quite fast, them people! ;)

faux leather pant: vero moda via
shirt: H&M
boots: deichmann
watch: rolex
cashmere beret: galeria kaufhof
leather belt:

how do you like my outfit? :)


  1. Ich weiß sowas fragt man nicht, aber ist mein Brief eigentlich angekommen? Die Post schlunzt im Moment so viel rum =/

  2. Ist das echtes Leder? Ich steh zwar mehr auf Lederhosen mit Schlag oder wenigstens mit Bootcut, aber die sieht gar nicht so schlecht aus!


  3. You're looking lovely and super sexy! Love the combination of the leather pants with the beret.

  4. Hello,

    This outfit is just too good, I am thinking of buy it after watching this, however it would have been awesome if you uploaded higher resoultion pictures of this !

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