Thursday 8 March 2012

... et moi, je suis ophélie.

... no, actually not. i'm just very much into everything that has to do with ophélie or her fair-weather friend hamlet.
does anybody know the marvellous opera by french composer ambroise thomas? it's a masterpiece of musical art. and i think it's one of the best operas i've ever seen.
it was in 2010 when i saw it in the MET NY live in HD production with marlis petersen and simon keenlyside. the play had also been published on dvd.

but when i think of my examination phase (the next exam will be on the 26th of march, uargh.) i could turn into a different kind of ophélie - maybe running around in circles while screaming aloud. ... yep, that would be an idea. not.
but there will be a welcome diversion on the 28th of march. i will visit paris to see florence + the machine live in concert. this will be sooooo awesome! :)

... ok, well - i should really carry on with the learning stuff now. :/

dress: glamorous UK


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