Wednesday 31 October 2012

did you already know ...

did you already know ? ... this is a wonderful idea to generate new followers and readers for your blog!

what is it exactly?

there are several methods to participate:

  • post your URL on the blog-zug to be listed automatically
  • jump on the blog-zug to generate points - the more points you earn, the higher your points, the higher you will be listed in the list of top blog-zug passengers - thus more people can see your blog and get to know it!
  • the blog-zug will be away for 600 seconds. afterwards you can jump onto another blog-zug. every time you're jumping onto the blog-train, you will be listed on top of the travelling blog-zug passengers, thus again more people get to know your blog!
  • you also have the possibility to link your etsy, dawanda, ebay or KK shop to the blog-zug
  • ... and finally there's also the blog-zug chat and the panel, where you also get to know loads of nice people.

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