Wednesday 31 October 2012

shopping love: einederguten - illustration.

... today i want to introduce you to another wonderful online shop. it is called 'eine der guten' - they craft wonderful notebooks, postcards and other papery stuff, made with a load of love. 
you can also find them on facebook.

some days ago i received a nice little package with very lovely gifts from the shop.
the package included 3x seasons greetings (... 'santa clause said you were nice'), 1x voucher for a white christmas (hey, i hope it'll work !!! ;)), a set of card and envelope of handmade paper called 'a promise' ... and a nice organizer/calendar called 'your great new life' with a very nice idea: every week you get a task you have to fulfill, this can be something like ... 'write a letter to those 3 persons you love the most and tell them what you feel - send the letter via your post station, even if those persons live in the same house'. 
i already bought this calendar last year and it gave me some happy days which i could share with my loved ones. i'm very thankful for this and i hope that many more people will buy this special calendar.
it will brighten up your days, weeks, or maybe even the whole year!

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