Monday 8 April 2013

portraits - nostalgia.

before i started blogging i already hat a faible for photography - i started with photography at a very young age ... i must have been 13 or so. i liked to take photos of myself in different outfits or in different shades of colour, or of other people and things. i always loved art and creativity - and, well, i think you'll see these aspects in the following photographies! these are all self portraits - some were shot out of very egocentric reasons, others were part of art projects for school, and others were shot at festive dinners or in a moment i simply didn't notice that somebody took a photo of me. some photographies are more than 10 years old, and it's also a history of my different hairstyles ... that's why these portraits are somewhat 'nostalgic' - i was young, then. haha.

have fun in this little gallery of my youth!
2005 - for an art and photography project in school. it's from a session of 5 photographies i called 'the modern eve'

2009 - with my newly bought sunglasses.

2010 - this was a product photo for dawanda

2010 - a product photo.

2009 - a somewhat experimental photo shoot with my new hair.

2007 - with short hair.

2008 - for egocentric reasons

2007 - i love this photo because it shows my short hair and i looked quite acceptable although i didn't notice in that moment that somebody took a photo of me. i  also liked it because i looked older than i was.

2007 - egocentric photo shoot with short hair

2010 - a product photo

2007 - fashionable shot in the changing room

2007 - egocentric photo shoot with short hair

2009 - this was after an exam i had to write in landau and i was quite relieved afterwards and very, very tired. actually i just wanted to shoot my new book earrings because i thought that they looked quite cool.

2007 - egocentric photo shoot with short hair - i love the colours in this photo

2007 - i loved this sheep so much!

2007 - egocentric photo shoot with short hair

2007 - a friend of mine shot this photo when i wore her chanel glasses

2009 - in versailles, photo taken by a friend

2012 in church with my favourite black dress

2003 - shot by my mum with a friend in front of the church

2009 - well ... there's nothing to add to this shot XD

2008 - in the luisenpark, shot by my mum

2009 - egocentric and experimental photo shoot

2009 - egocentric and experimental photo shoot

2009 - egocentric and experimental photo shoot

2003 - egocentric photo shoot with a newly bought dress from escada

2009 - in the palmengarten in frankfurt

2007 - very, very egocentric photo shoot with loewe sunglasses

2009 - in my favourite café in landau, pergamino

2008 - with my old glasses which i hated so much then

2008 - me kissing with my lovely dolphin, cappyrinha

2009 - experimental and egocentric photo shoot

2007 - on christmas eve

2003 - in the luisenpark. my mum shot the photo

2009 - i love beer!

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  1. Das erste Bild gefällt mir am Besten - der Wahnsinn! Das dunkle Selbstportrait (2009) in Farbe finde ich auch sehr gut. Irgendwie fangen beide deine Persönlichkeit und Ausstrahlung sehr gut ein - soweit ich das beurteilen kann.

  2. great photo;)

  3. hey sry ich hab mich vertan ich meinte über GVC findest du ganz unten auf meiner Seite :)

    hier der link :


  4. Oh, those pics are absolutely awesome!! love them so much. I have been following you on Bloglovin and I just started following you on GFC. :)

    Style Without Limits

  5. Thank you for a nice comment on my blog. I'm your new follower and would like if you followed back. xx

  6. following :)
    don't forget to follow me back :)

  7. Sehr toll. Sehr persönlich!
    Vielleicht traue ich mich auch irgendwann so eine Fotostory zu posten.
    Dadurch wird's hier viel persönlicher, weil ich hinter dem Wort auch den Menschen
    habe. Deswegen bleibe ich hier wohl auch Leser :-)


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