Tuesday 30 April 2013

FOOD: sweet alsatian tarte flambée.

some days ago i made my very first sweet tarte flambée - i've made the savoury variation loads of times before but i also loved the sweet one when i first tried it in a french restaurant you can also find in mannheim, it's called binokel (click here for more information). i don't know if they still offer it but in each case it's worth a try - and it's really easy to do-it-yourself, actually! it's a bit more work than you have with the savoury variation because you need to peel the apples and if you do not have cinnamon-sugar you also have to do your own - in fact there are some more ingredients than you have with the savoury one but it's really worth it. and so delicious! if you want the receipt i can put it online or send you the links. have fun!


  1. Danke für das Rezept, das sieht sehr einfach aus und doch soo lecker, jetzt will ich das auch mal probieren :P

    Lieber Gruß

  2. mmm.It's look great)

  3. hummm parece ter ficado bom


  4. okay vllt halt ich mich dann an dich...mal schaun
    das sieht übrigens mega lecker aus!

  5. Das sieht so lecker aus! :)


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