Saturday, 3 August 2013

esprit wishlist ♥

some days ago i browsed through the esprit onlineshop and i begin to have a renewed picture of this brand. when i was in my teenage years i believed it to be quite basic, if not to say also tame and achromatic - i might not have been the only one.

since i miss some basic apparel in my wardrobe i'm quite in need for qualitative basics - i'm not so much into H&M and i want clothes of high quality. then i remembered my then best friend who always praised esprit and their high quality and thus i stopped by at the onlinestore and was IMPRESSED! so many beautiful and fashionable items and so much colour (you know, i really love colours) - i also found basics, but i was more interested in the apparel you can see below, because it's so much different from what i thought about the brand heretofore. especially the dresses and jewellery are my favourite picks.

they also have very beautiful interior accessoires such as floral wallpapers and also very beautiful bedclothes. they remembered me of my s.oliver bedclothes which my mum bought many years ago - except for the fact that those you'll see below are much more beautiful.

thus i can really recommend you to take a look at the esprit onlineshop - i was quite taken with it!


  1. I very like it this shoes^^

  2. Wow, wenn es solchen schönen Sachen derzeit bei Esprit gibt, dann muss ich da wirklich dringend mal wieder hinschauen :) Früher hatte ich eher nur Esprit im Schrank, aber dann habe ich vor ein paar Jahren dann mit einem Mal gar nichts mehr dort gefunden, offenbar sieht das jetzt wieder definitiv anders aus!

    Danke Dir für den Tipp <3

    Alles Liebe von Rena

  3. oh wie schön, vor allem die Kleidchen & Schuhe! <3 Chrissi

  4. Hey, geile Auswahl.... ich liebe ebenfalls die Marke Esprit und sie begleitet mich schon seit meiner Teeniezeit. Die haben einfach coole Sachen die immer trendy sind. LG, Steffi

  5. Das blaue Top und die Pumps find ich total geil :)


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