Sunday 12 January 2014

OUTFIT: yo dahi, it's your birthday.

this was the first line of a birthday card i received some years ago - loosely based on the infamous song by rapper 50 cent (actually one of my favourite performers back then) - and today i finally overstepped the mark of 26 years. one year older - but i never felt better (and younger) than now. i already told you that i really can't wait for all the good things to come this year, the film welcome to me where kristen wiig will wear my guitar brooch, the MBFW, already planned meetings with fellow bloggers and voyages around the world. this was also the very first time i visited a club (yes indeed, i have never been to any - except the church disco when i was 13, but i guess you will disallow that XD) - i celebrated the night to my birthday with my dear bff chrissi who now also got a blog (you can visit her here) and i'm so glad i could share this premiere experience with her - omg it was so much fun. before i rather went to see an opera or went to diverse jazz jam session instead of doing a pub tour or visiting discotheques or clubs but it was such a great experience - many well dressed people, good music, good mood, drinks and talks. this was a fantastic time. i never have felt younger than now and i want to repeat this very soon! :D

i am showing you some of the impressions of this great evening (thanks again dear chrissi for the lovely evening, and also for the beautiful gifts, the chocolate, and especially the beautiful earrings and ring) and the outfit i wore back then - i slightly changed it and wore another necklace and my new jeffrey campbell lita lookalikes from sammydress (i will show you another outfit including them soon) and my lovely louis vuitton bag which was a gift from my dear imo from korea many years ago (i think i must have been 13 when i received it back then).

i hope you like it! have a fantastic week!

jumpsuit: ASOS / necklace: vintage / bracelet: hermès / earrings: chanel / bag: persunmall

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  1. Happy birthday!! Wow looks like you had an amazing day and great plans for the year! I wish you the happiest of happy 26th birthday!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Happy Birthday, meine Liebe! Ich hoffe, du hast schön gefeiert! :)
    Liebste Grüße

  3. Beautiful photos.


  4. Hsppy birthaday from my heart sweetty! Hope you have an awesome day!

  5. Happy Birthday, it looks like you had an amazing time... fabulous photos :)

  6. yo, Dahi -wuhu :-) meine Liebe, ich gratuliere dir allerherzlichst!!! Unfassbar, wirklich das erste Mal? ;-)) ich finde genau jetzt ist das beste Alter und wünsche dir für die Zukunft noch viele weitere Schöne Momente.
    Alles Liebe ♡

  7. Liebe Dahi, nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!!!! Ich wünsche dir viel Liebe und Gesundheit!!!! Küsschen, Xenia


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