Monday 6 January 2014

spring into season!

hi dears! today i want to introduce you to my favourite styles for the upcoming spring/summer 2014. i especially adore the colour- and artful pop art style, the romantic and feminine flower style (look at this rosecoloured dress, fabulous!), the cultured looks featuring prints of classical artworks, architectural masterpieces and wonderful mosaic patterns which i already celebrated in domenico dolce & stefano gabbana's fall/winter 2013 collection and of course the black & white style which i believe that no season should do without because for me it's a tremendous embodiment of timeless elegance. 

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  1. I love pastel things to this spring, pink forever haha <3

  2. I absolutely love the pink dress with the silver flowers, it is gorgeous <3

  3. Liebe Dahi, ich möchte ja sehr, dass wir uns live treffen. Dennoch wird es zurzeit nicht klappen. Ich bin jetzt zu tief in die Examensvorbereitung eingestiegen und habe echt Angst daraus geholt zu werden. Lass uns im Kontakt bleiben, wir fwerden schon den passenden Termin finden :))) aber ein bisschen später. LG, Xenia und Viel Erfolg im neuen 2014!

  4. OOoh, I'm excited these are the upcoming trends for Spring! It's so interesting how trends just tend to repeat themselves. I got the Nordstrom spring catalog this week and there was so much black and white. My favorite is flower power. I'm so girly : ) I just want it to be spring already! I'm so tired of wearing big jackets and sweaters!



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