Saturday 2 June 2012

food love: bubble tea at home.

hi dears!

some days ago my beloved and me made our own bubble tea at home with tapioca pearls and taro tea powder.
i got a starter kit from the 'onlineshop of modern tea culture'.

well, it's quite an act of work to make those tapioka pearls and it isn't that cheap - the starter kit costs nearly 30€. but it's such fun when doing it together and the bubble tea tasted really good.

mmmmmmh - looks delicous, huh? ;)

the tapioca pearls actually taste of quite nothing with a small hint of coffee flavour. but i might also surmise that.
the taro tea powder was quite delicious. very aquatic, just a little sweetened, with a hint of milk flavour. to no extend as sweet as the first bubble tea i had in the 'star freshery' in mannheim.
and the former tasted quite better!

i think it's quite an act to make it, but it's okay.
and you can also buy popping bobas with mango or passion fruit flavour if you don't like the tapioka ones.
the latter are the more original bobas used in the first bubble teas ever.
by the way: bubble tea was invented in taiwan, in the 1980s!

have you ever tried bubble tea? 
have you even tried to do it at home?

xoxo, dahi.


  1. Ich bin auch ein kleiner Bubbletea-Fan, versuche aber, meinen Konsum einzuschränken :D
    Ich liebe diese Perlen, die im Mund zerplatzen. Leider kann man die ja nirgends bestellen :(

    An den Tapioka-Perlen habe ich mich noch nicht versucht- aber es sieht echt gut aus! :)

  2. Ich habe Bubbleteaa noch nie probiert, aber ich sollte es langsam nachholen ;)

  3. Hmmm nom nom! Quite a good idea considering how overpriced bubble teas are...

  4. i absolutely love bubble tea! i've been wanting to try making my own at home as well :-) glad to hear that yours was a success!

  5. I love cute drinks! My fave is a chocolate frappe :)

  6. danke für deinen kommentar :D aber leider habe ich keinen link zu dem kleid gefunden tut mir leid :D

    ich bin kein großer bubbletea fan aber dein bubbletea sieht echt lecker aus :D <3

  7. Hey, tolle Idee! Bubble tea schmeckt so lecker. Vielen dank für deine Nachricht. Ich würde sehr gern bei der blogvorstellung mitmachen Xoxo

  8. Hi, danke für dein Kommentar. Würde gerne bei der Blogvorstellung mitmachen.



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