Thursday 28 June 2012

opera + pizza hut.

recently we went to the national theatre in mannheim to see 'parsival' by richard wagner. the thumbnails were quite attracting so we decided to buy the tickets. after the ashaming performance of 'turandot' we needed a bit of option to clean our souls. well - there it was.

the house was very full. before we went in to search for our seats we had wine and campari soda - and a small talk with two old ladies who had seen 'parsival' before. we told them that we already had seen 3 productions in the national theatre together, and that  'parsival' should be our first wagner opera. their comment: 'uh, such a first step into wagner is quite risky!' ... we didn't hold to that cheap.

but 4 hours of opera should really be a bit too much, even for me, who had seen many productions before.

well - actually we only stayed for 2 hours and left in the break, because it was really lame. but the scenery was wonderful!

afterwards we went to pizza hut for beer, pizza and ice cream afterwards. <3


dress: korean boutique
earrings: asos
1. ring: DIY
2. ring: ebay
watch: rolex


  1. Oh man, jetzt bekomme ich Hunger. :( Wie fies.

  2. Iiiiihh, die Nägel von deinem Freund :-(

  3. kann man natürlich nur anonym sagen, was?! ;)

  4. Die Bilder sind total schööön und deine Ringe sind echt toll :)

  5. Deine Bilder sehen schön aus :)Gefällt mir ♥
    Lg Mone


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