Monday 21 January 2013

travelling love: paris.

i've been to paris 4 times in my life. the last time was in march 2012 - i stayed there because i had tickets for florence + the machine à la zénith. most of the pictures here were taken 2009, when i visited paris with my BMF. i hope you'll enjoy the photos!

louvre, paris.

louvre, paris.

the pyramid in front of the louvre.

inside the pyramid in front of the louvre museum.

centre pompidou.

sculptures in the louvre.

mona lisa by leonardo da vinci - it is said that he had an affair with the woman who modelled for him.

one of sandro botticellis fantastic artworks. i love him so much. all his women portrait's are delicately beautiful.

aphrodite of milos - venus de milo - louvre museum.

a sculpture standing close to the musée d'orsay.

le meme.

la seine.

inside the musée d'orsay. it is showing famous artworks from the late 19th to the early 20th century.

musée d'orsay.

i'm always in search for picture frame or frame-like photo subjects. this was in the jardin des tuileries.

on the way to the champs-elysées.

a birdy model on a pegasus sculpture. this city is full of art.

louis vuitton <3

a giant golden bucket in front of the centre pompidou.

arc de triomphe. some day you'll need to read the inscriptions on it. maybe you'll read some names which will be quite familiar to you ...

... and a camera toss in front of the arc de triomphe.

giant thumb sculpture in la défense.

a sporty person moving in a new way down the stairs of la grande arche.

guess what it is.

in versailles.

a sculpture in versailles.

la grande arche at la defense.

a fresco painting in versailles.



versailles castle garden.

le meme.

la tour eiffel. it was built for the exposition universelle 1889 in paris. after the fair they wanted to deconstruct it but the parisians already gave their hearts and souls to the tower, so it remained. now it is THE symbol of paris. an icon.

a fountain in the castle garden of versailles.

la grande arche at la defense.

a marathon in the rain. there were some people who wore very strange ... sports gear - one of them wore an egg costume. no joke !!!

paris in the rain.

la tour eiffel in the rain.

notre dame de paris.

notre dame de paris.

gargoyles on top of notre dame in paris.

sacre coeur and the hill.

la madeleine. i still do not know what it stands for ... but it is a beautiful work of architecture.


  1. sehr schöne bilder :D

    lg iSi

  2. Wonderful pictures of Paris. I wish I could visit there again. Paris is truly a fascinating city.

  3. Hey!
    Das sind richtig schöne Bilder gewurden, erinnert mich total an meine Klassenfahrt 2008. Will unbedingt da wieder hin. Das schöne Paris :)

    Liebe Grüße Basti

  4. Oh wie schön :)

    ja zumindest als es gerade frisch auf den Markt gekommen ist..
    Ist natürlich auch ziemlich gewagt, solch einen Wechsel im Genre zu machen nach so einem Welterfolg, aber gerade der gibt ihr ja die Möglichkeit dazu..

    echt? :D Ich les am liebsten eig die Rezensionen auf Amazon & Co :D hahaha


  5. Tolle Fotos! Ich war erst einmal in Paris, aber da bin ich mit der Stadt nicht so warm geworden...

    Tolles Foto von der Mona Lisa, ist ja nicht so einfach, sie ohne andere Touris aufs Bild zu bekommen ;)

  6. WOW I would love to visit Paris....Amazing pics


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