Wednesday 9 January 2013

trudi on tour.

hi dears!

this is my favourite cuddly toy - trudi. she had been to several places in her life. and she has loads of friends - jasmin tabatabai, angelina jolie, amélie poulain and others. you'll see some of them in this very picdump. cappyrinha is my steiff dolphin - she also stayed with us in guardamar in spain (there'll be an entry for this, too). cappyrinha is somewhat trudi's second mom - or an older sister or friend. 

i collected loads of photos of her and her friends which i now want to share with you. 

i hope you'll like them!

these are MY cookies! you gonna take them, you gonna get killed!
yeah well ... WTF. where's the food.

trudi and cappyrinha are best friends ♥

trudi likes to read - these are all HER books!

we are family - trudi, angelina jolie (look at her lips), jasmin tabatabai and cappyrinha.

well this is not trudi, but trudini - trudi's little sister ... or brother ... or whatever.

trudi and me at the DTM in germany.

king of the tires. no! queen!

trudi on the road.

on the road part 2.

on the road part 3.

motoring accident.

on the road again.

on the road again part 2.

on the road again part 3.

on the road again part 4.

... enough! now let's eat the mercedes building !!!

trudi and the safety car.

trudi is drunk and wants to get some more champagne.

on the road again.

well this is my bread. you gonna take your own.

i need to check the fall of stocks right now. excuse me.

oh, lehman brothers collapsing - who would have thought it!

general motors, too. nooo i misinvested. f*ck it.

hah but well! i still have great amounts of capital in switzerland!

... oh and a video. sorry, i just HAD to share it XD ... it's 5 years old and i'm wearing no make up so don't be confused about how young i look XD


  1. Ich mach sowas auch voll oft mit einem kleinen Froschkönig-Plüschtier.
    Find das richtig süß! :D

  2. Oh! This is incredibly cute!
    For a second I thought about stealing this idea for my blog, but I don't think it would be a) nice of me to steal it and b) look quite as adorable!

    Trudi <3

  3. Dann kauf' dir doch blaue Farbe von Directions und probier es aus! Wenn es dir nicht gefällt, dann ist die mit ein paar mal waschen auch gleich wieder raus!

  4. Maybe I'm going to show to pics of the frogking bur i'm not so sure yet ;) But I have it only for 2 years so that it was just in Italy, France and Germany

  5. Hihi, ist ja eine witzige Idee. Trudi sieht auch wirklich nett aus und die Bilder hast Du gut arrangiert! Ein tolles Model hast Du da ;-)



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