Tuesday 14 January 2014

OUTFIT: good morning freedom, good night lullabies.

hi dears! now here's first real outfit post with my new jeffrey campbell lookalikes from sammydress which i already have shown you here (click). 
i love them so much !!! 
yes they look super high, and they ARE, indeed - each boot with a plateau of 4cm, and a heel height of 12cm - but still very comfortable. i never could have imagined that, but i felt really certain after all the dancing when we celebrated the night to my birthday at the wonderful tiffany club in mannheim (here you can see some impressions: click) ... but then back home i noticed my slightly swollen feet and the next day i had a real muscle hangover. well but it's of course more than okay for SUCH a height and normally i rather wear wedges because generally they are more comfortable than normal heels - but these are also much more comfortable than my wedges from super mode which you have already seen here (click). 
also, i don't think that the hangover and swollen feet came solely from the shoes, but also because we danced quite excessively XD


blouse: clockhouse / jeans: mango / belt: vintage / bag: MCM, via KK / boots: jeffrey campbell / watch: rolex / earrings: chanel / glasses: via aktiv optik

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  1. The boots look comfy... even though they are tall ;-)

  2. Schööön! Ich würde die JCs auch gerne einmal aus-/anprobieren, aber die sind so teuer xP Und wo ist dein Pony, meine Liebe?? :O

    Liebst, ina

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  3. hallo Tanzmaus ;-)
    ich glaube auch, dass der Muskelkater beim ersten Mal "Tanz durch die Nacht" nicht ausbleibt, völlig egal welche Schuhe du trägst! Also ungefähr, also würdest du untrainiert Hanteltraining mit großen Gewichten beginnen.
    Mein Wochenstart war ok, außer dass ich viel zu spät ins Bett bin, ebenso auch am Dienstag und so zwei Tage etwas durch'n Wind war. Doch heute war schon Bergfest und so bleiben zwei Tage noch bis zum WE :-)
    uuuund daaaanach nur noch 1 & 1/2 Tag bis ich eine Woche frei habe *nochmehrfreu*
    Wünsche dir noch zwei angenehme Tage bis zum Wochenende!
    LG Nadine

  4. Those heels are so tall! And I can't believe they're not Litas - great way to shop the look at a bargain! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Ooh, I love finding designer look alikes for a lot cheaper!! I definitely thought they were Jeffrey Campbell until I read your post. Great find. I've been pleasantly surprised by a few of my heels to find they are much comfier than I thought they would be! : )



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