Friday 14 March 2014

FASHION: the long journey of finding the perfect polo shirt.

it seemed to be an ordinary day. i was 15 years old and school ended a bit earlier that day thus i hitted upon the idea to go for a stroll around town and to visit the H&M store, my favourite shop back then. i still loved to visit the children's departements in fashion stores and i also did so on that day. and then i spotted this very, very beautiful rosecoloured polo shirt. it was a very nice pastel colour and a nice piqué fabric - i fell in love immediately, and i had to buy it. i tried on the biggest size, guess it was 164 or 170, and fortunately it fitted me perfectly. i brought it to the cash point and rejoiced about the price: 4,90€ - for a 15 year old this really was a great bargain!
and henceforth i wore it nearly every day, no joke. i loved it so much.

but then there was this dark day when diabolic dark chocolate found the way onto my beautiful polo shirt and ... yeah well, i tried my hardest to get rid of this stupid spot but ... forget it. the shirt was shot and i really didn't find another polo shirt in this rose colour which fitted me as perfectly as my old one. that got me really depressed and i should have hated chocolate for that - but no. i am a forgiving person and chocolate also had the ability to soothe my pain after this accident, so it's okay.

but weeks ago i found this a very beautiful pick in the gaastra onlineshop and - guess what, i had the same feeling of 'that's mine - that's the perfect shirt and OMG it is pink!' and i simply had to buy it. the shirt arrived some days ago and when i unpacked it i was so happy, you cannot imagine! the last days i have worn this beautiful shirt near-continuously. it makes me very very happy. i really love the comfortable grip, the preppy look, the colour! ... and it's of course not comparable to the quality of the H&M shirt - it's much much much better. and it's worth one's salt, believe me.

... when i was 15, i loved to combine my polo shirt with light blue jeans and small pearl earrings. now i have already combined the polo shirt with dark and light blue ones and also a flared white skirt. i will show you some variations with this polo shirt in the following days, so stay tuned! 

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  1. Dahi, I am glad you were able to find a replacement shirt, I have had those articles of clothing that I just loved and was sad to see it go..another great piece always comes along :)

    Have an amazing weekend, thank you so much for your comment again... so sweet and wonderful, sorry.. still not sleeping, maybe soon... my mind doesn't stop racing... I nap though and I will take a couple over the weekend to recharge for next week :)

  2. Böse Schokolade!
    Ich weiß auch kein bewährtes Rezept Schokoladenflecken zu entfernen,aber vielleicht funktioniert es mit raus bügeln? So ähnlich wie mit Wachs -Löschpapier drauf und darüber bügeln, das Papier saugt dann den Fleck auf?
    Ich würde es damit versuchen. Wobei ich noch nie so böse Flecken hatte, nur kleine, die mit der normalen Wäsche rausgegangen sind.
    Naddel :-)


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