Thursday 20 March 2014

ART: art calendar 2014, featuring my mum.

this year my mum had her second art exhibition at gallery schramm in bad salzhausen. this november the korean TV station YTN reported on this gallery, which mostly shows works by korean artists living in germany, korea and abroad. this year gallery schramm published their first art calendar, which also features one work of my mum. her work is called 'prayer' and represents november 2014. i think the calendar looks very professional and i'm so proud of my mum!

what do you think of the calendar?

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  1. That is wonderful for your mother and the other artists, it must feel great to have something actually printed up that someone could keep for the artwork ♡

    Thank you for your sweet comment, I look forward to them... they are always so kind and thoughtful... have a great rest of the week Dahi♡

  2. D, wow! Say hello to your mom and best wishes for an eventful year with greater and wider recognition. Yes, the calendar is beautiful.

  3. So beautiful!

  4. Is beautiful your mum is very talented :)


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