Thursday 24 July 2014

INTERIOR LOVE: painting frames white.

today i want to show you another DIY project i have started and finished some time ago. i already reported about my other vintage frame project earlier this year. you might have read about it here: click

now i had some more wooden frames which were made of ordinary and somewhat boring brown wood and i wanted to colour them white, so that they would fit into my kitchen where the colour white somewhat prevailed. 

again i used wood varnish. i have painted with a big brush and a smaller one for the finishing touch. it also didn't take as long as the first time, but now i only had four small photo frames, and i also needed a single layer of varnish.

i must admit that although you're not doing much you've got a very huge change. the look of the frames is so much different and i was very satisfied with the end result.


  1. White thing makes me think on pacefull places :3

  2. Wow, they look really great. I am always amazed how much color can change how we view things

  3. The cute white frames look so lovely... what a sweet look Dahi♡

  4. Hi du,
    zu deinen Strandfotos würde es auch passen,
    wenn du an den Rahmen mir einer gesammelten
    Muschel pimpst ;-)
    LG Naddel


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