Thursday 28 August 2014

OUTFIT: fingers carved from asian ivory.

i've got a new outfit for you, this time shot in my recently introduced bedroom. i'm wearing my new blue and white ornamental jumpsuit and embellished thongs from milanoo, my beloved maritime style hoss intropia bag, vintage bracelets, silvercoloured swallow earrings and a fitting double ring in the form of a big leaf.
i chose my bedroom as the shooting location because i believe that the ornamental blue and white print on my jumpsuit fit perfectly to my black tree painting and the petrole blue walls.

the caption of this post is from a song which belongs to one of my favourites. it's the song 'out of this' from the irish band autamata. they make quite experimental music, using electronic harmonies and japanese lyrics within their songs. their music is categorized as world music, but i don't think it's that easy to describe their music ... i rather believe that they are one of the bands which cannot be wholly labelled because their style is so exceptional - just think of florence + the machine, as another example.

jumpsuit: milanoo (click) / thongs: milanoo (click) / bag: hoss intropia / bracelets: vintage / earrings: via / ring: via


  1. lovely room I like the wall colour :)

  2. So lovely jumpsuit honey!

  3. Nice print!


  4. I saw your outfit earlier on Instagram, it looks great on you Dahi... you are such a pretty girl <3

  5. I love the outfit and the ring :). You have a really nice bedroom by the way.

    Greetings from LA

  6. Hello my Dear

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    Kind regards
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  7. Das ist mal wieder ein sehr hübsches Outfit :)

  8. Einen perfekteren Hintergrund als Dein wunderschönes Schlafzimmer für Deinen so schönen Jumpsuit gibt es natürlich gar nicht! Steht Dir super gut, dieses wundbar geschnittene Teil und das Muster mag ich auch sehr.


Danke, dass du deine Gedanken teilst.