Sunday 10 August 2014

ROOM TOUR: a pink coloured living room ♥

ladies and gentlemen, the waiting comes to an end today: i proudly present you ... my pink coloured living room! you might already have seen some tiny parts of it in previous posts, but today the focus is solely on the living room and its special details.

in my old flat my piano was placed in my bedroom. but before i moved into my new flat i already have planned to give it a key location. because i love it so much and because i believe that it is also a very beautiful piece of furniture which doesn't deserve to be hidden i wanted to place it in the living room - and there it is. i think that the brown food is a perfect complement to the pink walls. i decorated it with a gemstone tree from a friend, a bonbonniere, a crystal dolphin, a glass vase from a friend, an old clock which i have found in the cellar in the old flat, a porcelain flower basket, crystal swans which were a gift from my granny back then, and my beloved unicorn figure which a friend had gifted me with when we still went to school together.

i also think that the pink walls are a great complement to the old and green gas oven in the other corner of the living room. i put an old crystal vase and dish onto it and filled both of them with artificial flowers. the green vase you can also see on top of the gas oven was bought many years ago at the IKEA furniture store.

i decorated the walls with old paintings and frames. i have found many of them in the cellar when tidying it up. the golden frames were so pretty i believed they shouldn't be hidden. they deserved to be displayed. in the green corner i hung up one of my favourite handdrawn sketches. it was an armani perfume ad which i have seen in a vogue magazine many years ago. i loved the thoughtful atmosphere in contrast to the musculous body.

the golden mirror you can see above my piano was bought by me before i moved in. i thought that it would look great with all the other golden elements, frames and paintings.
also newly bought was the white chandelier hanging from the ceiling. it fits perfectly to the newly varnished bookshelves i have introduced to you before.

at the wall next to the piano i hung up some of my varnished wooden photo frames which i have also introduced to you before. i filled them with authentic vintage black and white photographs showing my family.

the white frog on top of the TV was bought many years ago at a nanu nana store. my mum used it as a model for one of her paintings - the frog king.

all of my books found a place in the two bookshelves. i organized the books into different categories such as english, religious, art & travel, world literature, and so on.

many many cuddly toys found a place in the living room, as well as kitty, who took a place on top of the sewing supply box from my grandmother. next to it you can see my beloved sewing machine.

i wanted to create a mixture of old and new, art and kitsch in my new flat, and i guess i succeeded.

now it's your turn: what do you think and how do you like my pink coloured living room?


  1. wow so pretty x :)

  2. Hello, just came across to ur blog. It’s lovely. Recently I have started blogging wld be glad if u chk out my blog and follow me at GFC.i am following u now. Hope to hear from u.xoxo.

  3. Ui, pinke fände ich für meine Wohnung zu krass... Aber so lange man sich wohlfühlt, darf man alles ;)

    Liebst, ina

    Visit me at Petite Saigon

  4. Dahi, your place is so homey, I love all the personal touches... you have done an amazing job :)

    I can see why you have fallen in love, I love the hardwood floors and the great angles on the walls :) <3

    I am happy we have connected on the internet too... I am enjoying getting to know you :)

  5. This is so pretty. Although I don't like pink, this shade of pink does absolute justice to the room :)

  6. Liebe Dahi,
    so manche Bilder hätte ich bei dir nicht erwartet, wie bspw das über deinen Sessel. Was "güldenes" habe ich ja zwischendurch schon gesehen, hätte ich aber ebenfalls nicht eraten. Möglicherweise weil ich eher der Silbertyp bin ;-) Den Spiegel finde ich allerdings sehr klasse.
    Nähst du eigentlich viel? Und die Katze ist auch nicht echt, oder *giggle*
    LG Naddel

  7. Ach, liebe dahi, das ist so schön geworden! Das Piano hat es auch wirklich verdient, besonders herausgestellt zu werden. Und ich bin Deiner Meinung, dass das Pink super zum Braun des Pianos und zum grünen Ofen passt <3 Da spürt man richtig, wie Du Dich wohlfühlst und ich wünsche Dir weiterhin eine gute Zeit in Deinem kleinen Schloss.

    Alles Liebe von Rena

    P.S. Ich habe meine Bücher auch nach Kategorien sortiert :)

  8. Ich bin gerade einfach hin und weg!
    Ich hab's mir extrem vorgestellt aber durch die weiße Dachschräge bleibt es luftig und es passt einfach so gut zum Ofen <3
    Auch die Deko und die Bilder finde ich absolut gelungen, da würde ich gerne mal auf einen Tee sitzen ^_^

    Liebste Grüße, Ann-Cathérine


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