Tuesday 23 December 2014

SHOOTING: thy black hair, like the raven-face of night. thy neck is like sculpture-made.

my dears! today i want to show you the next part of my latest fashion shooting with alexander ricci. the photographies were shot in the spacious and beautiful rococo castle gardens of schwetzingen. this time i wore a cream coloured maxidress from H&M which i have bought some months before but never wore it since then, aside from the fact that i tried it on at home - i really loved the fabric and the cut. it is very feminine and i dreamed of staging it in a beautiful location because it really served it right. and whats a better location for a beautiful long gown than a castle garden? this time we chose the beautiful pavilion a little away from the castle complex, an antique gate and small and cute wooden bridge.

the vintage velvet blazer belonged to my mothers wardrobe but she gave it to me when i moved into my new flat, alongside with other beautiful apparel and accessoires. i haven't worn it often before that shooting - they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. but i have already worn it when we went to the jan delay concert in stuttgart, but that time i didn't wear a long cream-coloured gown but jeans and a shirt. everything else would have been way too overdressed XD

i hope you enjoy this day's outfit post and that you like my shooting pics.

dress: H&M / blazer: vintage / ring: via ebay.de / earrings: chanel / boots: sammydress (direct link) / scarf: vintage / bag: louis vuitton

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  1. Beautiful romantic photos with a stunning backdrop!
    The dress looks perfect on you and I love your statement ring :) Your
    mom's velvet blazer is great too!
    have a magical Christmas, best wishes

  2. I love this dress! And the location you took photos makes it look like you're from another era- so ethereal and beautiful!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  3. Lovely photos.


  4. You look like a fariy tale come to life. The castle grounds are breathtaking! Also, that first gazebo matches the shades of your dress perfectly.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. Dahi... I love all these photos... they look dreamy and romantic ♡

    I hope you had an amazing Christmas and lovely holidays xix


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