Saturday 20 December 2014

OUTFIT: je n'ai aucun sens de la normalité.

i love this citation by karl lagerfeld. translated into english it would tell you something like: 'i'm not familiar with normality.' and it's totally what i have implemented in my life - i have never been the kind of person wanting to live life like everybody else. i have never seen myself working in a bog-standard desk job with each day being the same. i have always wanted to be creative. to be my own boss and to take my life in my own hands. that's why i decided to become a jewellery designer, to start my own enterprise and to be prepared for every possible risk, every knock down and every time i want to give up. i decided to be courageous - in everything i do. not only in terms of work, but also in terms of character, in terms of friendship, in terms of love. i decided to do everything with love. and i decided to be myself - not to go with the flow ... and maybe that's why i also wear my moschino belt vice versa - i must admit that i first noticed it when i was finally checking the photos and already took off my outfit. you might notice that while watching my photos and i hope you don't mind and you still enjoy my outfit ... XD ... but i must also admit that i somewhat like it, also because of my attitude towards life, and love ... and this citation of ingenious karl - one of my lifelong idols.

the floppy hat is newly bought from H&M, the pussy bow blouse is one of my all-time favourite second hand picks, bought a long while ago on, originally it's from jake*s, a brand which you can find in every peek & cloppenburg store. the green pants are from my mummy - authentic vintage and very comfortable, already a bit too comfortable because i lost some weight and they are already a bit too slacky. i'm wearing the already addressed vice versa moschino belt, my favourite chanel earrings and my new sunglasses from london retro, bought at sunglassesshop. i like cat eye sunnies very much and these are a great addition to my sunglasses-collection which is growing and growing for many years. i must admit that i'm very much a sunnies-addict. they can change a whole outfit and you simply look cool with the perfect pair of sunglasses ... don't you think so?

blouse: jake*s, via / pants: vintage / floppy hat: H&M (direct link) / boots: jeffrey campbell (direct link) / bag: louis vuitton / sunnies: london retro, via sunglassesshop (direct link) / ring: via / earrings: chanel

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  1. Amazing ur pairing!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Great look! Love the LV bag!
    Maybe we can follow each other? Just let me know!

  3. hi girl,gorgeous outfit!
    thank you for visiting my blog. I will start first, following you on bloglovin, GFC and instagram. dont forget to follow me back :)

  4. Love that hat - you pull it off beautifully!


  5. Nice hat.


  6. Beautiful colour and I like your hat :)

  7. What a great Karl Lagerfield quote - I think everyone could do with a healthy dose of anti-normality!
    And your photos here are LOVELY! The colors are beautiful together and the photography is truly a work of art. Love it!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. Dahi, you look so beautiful, the photos are so lovely of you... I adore the outfit... xox

    Merry Christmas to you and your family... have a lovely holidays ;)

  9. These pictures are amazing. Love the use of color and art direction. Well done. Happy Holidays! xo, Amanda

  10. Ich würde hier zig Daumen hoch Symbole tippen, wenn es sie gäbe ;-)))))

  11. Der Look steht dir einfach super und der Hut sieht toll aus
    Liebe Grüße Michelle von mishy-hoffmann


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