Wednesday 31 December 2014

strangeness and charms' 2014 insta year review.

this year was amazing. full of change, full of new experiences, full of love. there was the wedding of my mum, my house moving and all the stuff necessary and great all at once, for example buying new furniture, decoration, making myself at home and experiencing my very first blisters when finally finishing the wall painting XD
for the very first time ever i have visited a club, i have visited the opera, pop concerts, the ballet, beautiful cities and others, slowly transforming into home, because of the special people living there.

i have been successful in terms of work ... and had the chance to work with the team of 'schloss einstein' for the final episode of season 17, which i have watched together with lovely friends who also organized a whole party for me.
i was working together with susan matheson for the film 'welcome to me' which finally started in the US cinemas this year.
because of the success i have been able to buy the red D&G lace dress i was craving for since 2013.

i was travelling to places filled up with memories, to come to terms with things that happened in my life, the good and the bad ones, and to finally notice that all was good, the way they went, because i have finally found myself, and not only me ... but special persons. friends. a family which will always stay by your side, no matter what happens ... and love.

in the course of this year my style also became much more colourful and much more courageous. my clothings always mirror my mood and i can truly see that when looking through the year. in march i have finally found my new flat and so much relieve made itself at home in my heart and that's very much visible. i have found my home, not only the home i'm living in. but also a home within myself. a home within friendship. a home within love. places where i want to stay forever.

... i hope that your new year will be amazing and that all your dreams and wishes will come true. i have promised myself that i will, much more than already, stop procrastinating, and live life to the fullest. i am wishing you the same thought, and motivation, and courage.


winter walks / wedding of my mum / new projects for work / birthday girl / dancing in the club / going out


favourite food / favourite blouse / books / lord voldemort / tea time / apparel gifts


making matcha cupcakes / getting my cuddly toys ready for the house moving / going out / popcorn cupcakes / time with the family / first time in deidesheim / new second hand store / outfits


new outfits / IKEA! / working girl / favourite food / my own art / origami orders / going out / i love my best friend <3 / easter presents from pupils, friends and family / new in / opera visit / first time in my new flat


quality time with my best friend / got my new keys! / presents from friends / shopping at the DIY store / painting the walls / good food / ESC / sushi with my step dad / going out / flower gifts / starting to paint my bedroom tree


continuing to paint my bedroom tree / waffles with whipped cream and strawberries / coffee and cake with my best friend / outfit shooting preps / chin chin on the balcony / first primark visit / first time at fellini al teatro / pusheen the cat <3 / stylish soccer world cup / watching the final schloss einstein episode i participated in at by best friends house <3


selfmade vegan cauliflower soup / shopping with my brother / another 1000 crane order finished! / new outfits / giveaway / soccer world cup finals in frankfurt / quality time with the best friends / harry potter / green smoothie / first time cigköfte / varnished old glass bottles


new accessoires and apparel / korean BBQ / new origami project / bread buns / my pink coloured living room / going out / chia pudding / my black and blue living room / cake from a friend / feeling loved ... <3


new outfits / vegan chocolate / bought my D&G dress! <3 / going out with friends / new origami crane orders / first fashion show / making cookies for my brothers birthday / first present from my beloved ... <3


the black and the red, finally together <3 / quality time with the family / chocolate gifts / making vegan pancakes <3 / getting ready for jan delay / 사랑해 / shoes shoes shoes / going out with friends / new white sweater selfies / dumbledore marmalade / autumn walks / baden baden in the sun / baden baden theatre / finally got him <3 / dahi wearing D&G / vegan cupcakes / orders for customers / harry potter love / halloween!


shoes and culture / vegan chocolate cookies / dahi in the sun / coffee with my love / autumn strolls / going out with my love / WTF! / felix felicis necklace / making chocolate raspberry eclairs for the very first time / shooting time in schwetzingen / after work shooting <3 / champagne and eclairs <3 / christmas bakery / cake gift from a good friend / a lovely cupcake gift from my beloved


white christmas / sushi time / cupcakes from a pupil / shooting pics / new potion pendants / the two british short hair from a pupil / new outfits / christmas decoration / selfies / christmas shopping / baden baden christmas market with my love <3 / an evening in heidelberg / first snow / christmas ballet / christmas at home feeling blessed and loved

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  1. Liebste dahi, Du hast wirklich ein tolles und sehr spannendes Jahr hinter Dir. Ich erinnere mich noch so gut an die wundervolle Hochzeit Deiner Mutter und wie aufregend - und manchmal zermürbend - es war, bis Du Deine neue Wohnung endlich gefunden hast. Letztendlich hast Du dann Deine Traumwohnung gefunden und ich freue mich immer noch so mit Dir <3 Ich wünsche Dir für das Neue Jahr alles Liebe und Gute, Glück und Gesundheit und dass Du so ein wunderbarer Mensch bleibst, wie Du bist.

    Alles Liebe von Rena <3
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  2. What a fun, full year! Happy New Year!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  3. Lovely photos.


  4. Wow du hast ja echt ne Menge erlebt. Weiter so und lass uns auch 2015 wieder fleißig teilhaben.

    Liebste Grüße,

  5. Wundervoller Jahresrückblick, tolle Fotos meine Liebe! :)
    Alles Liebe,
    Fee von Floral Fascination

  6. Liebe Dahi,
    ich finde dein letztes Jahr ist super gelaufen!!!
    Für dieses kann ich dir nur wünschen, dass es genauso läuft und du und ich wissen ja, dass es dabei auf uns selbst ankommt ;-) *tschakka* Ich freue mich immer mit dir über deine Wohnung, deine Liebe, deinen beruflichen Gang und alles andere! Mach so weiter und wenn's mal anders oder schlechter läuft, dann mach trotzdem weiter.
    Alles Liebe


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