Friday 12 December 2014

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my dears! i always feel like a little kid unwrapping christmas presents when i receive packages filled with beautiful things i wished for, sometimes for a long time, whether they are presents from beloved once, or also when i have bought them myself.

some new and beautiful things have wandered into my wardrobe - some are totally new (for example the cat eye sunnies from london retro via sunglassesshop and the red cable knit sweater from milanoo), others are second hand (for example the beautiful authentic vintage blazer from betty barclay which i have bought from a nice girl on, but all of them are beautiful and i love each piece!

i have gotten the london retro sunnies from sunglassesshop - they also sell high end designers such as D&G and i'm thinking about also getting me this beautiful piece with black shades, frame and golden embellishments: click.

the faux fur coat, the 3d flower blouse, the black embellished flower fascinator, the flower headbead, the flower crown with black flowers and the fluffy red sweater are all H&M picks which arrived in my latest H&M onlineshop purchase. they have so many festive and exquisite accessoire creations right now - and also some nice apparel picks, although i mostly do not like their clothing creations. but the red sweater is a great exception. it is so fluffy and warm, i love it!

the flower bouquet was a purchase from lightinthebox ...and i must admit that it was actually described as a wedding bouquet but i simply LOVE calla flowers and wanted to have a beautiful calla flower bouquet for my white porcelain vase so i didn't care XD

i love my infinity bracelet because it's so filigree and i love the gold tone. it's such a beautiful symbol of love and eternity and is the perfect embodiment of my feelings for of the one i love. 
it makes a perfect couple with my new world map watch.

and there were also some presents from my mum which she brought with her from her trip to korea in october:
the clutch you can see below is made out of silk, beautified with traditional korean embroideries. 
my mum also gifted me with a cosmetic set and also a selfie stick which are very popular in korea right now, but not only there. you might already have heard of the go pro ones or seen a part of them before on instagram.

1# cat eye sunglasses - london retro, via sunglassesshop (direct link) / 2# 3d flower jumper - H&M / 3# calla flower bouquet - lightinthebox (direct link) / 4# fascinator - H&M (direct link) / 5# faux fur coat - H&M (direct link) / 6# cosmetics set - feellan / 7# flower crown - H&M (direct link) / 8# flower headband - H&M (direct link) / 9# infinity bracelet / 10# korean clutch / 11# leather gloves - H&M (direct link) / 12# cable knit sweater - milanoo (direct link) / 13# fluffy red sweater - H&M / 14# selfie stick / 15# vintage blazer - betty barclay, via / 16# world map watch

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  1. It's so nice to get a package whether we are waiting for it or if it's a surprise... these are some great items... I love the fuzzy red sweater... Have a fun weekend Dahi ♡

  2. Nice items. Especially the fur coat.


  3. So many amazing items!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  4. Love those sunglasses!



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