Saturday 22 December 2012

and in every corner of my twisted soul it's you who takes me home.

so what is it about - this life. what's it about? what are we craving for, what are we hoping for? what are we suffering for? what's it for? ... lately i've wondered about how old i felt when i was 17. i've been longing for home, so long. when i was young i already felt so old. i wanted to get rid of everything i needed to endure. i wanted to flee this world - so hopeless and feverishly i sought for life in every corner of every second but i never found it entirely. i've never found it in reading in lives of others or inventing them or myself in poetry and art and storys. i lost myself in a twinkle of fate in the darkest shadows i roamed in for many years, many years ... i lost myself in you - oh love, love of my life. you created something new in this, my very lost soul, you gave it wings to fly above my imagination. you brought me into the breaking dawn - a new morning. hopefully, i'll never let you go - my dear, you ... you - my eternal significant other.


  1. meine süße,
    es tut mir so leid das ich mich so lange nicht gemeldet habe :(
    aber ich bin nun schriftlich erstmal fertig mit den prüfungen :D
    ich wollte dir und deiner familie nur ein wundervolles weihnachtsfest wünschen. lasst es euch gut gehen und haut ordentlich rein ;D
    ich drück dich :*


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