Thursday 20 December 2012

christmas market ludwigshafen rheingalerie.

christmas eve is only 4 days away. is the christmas spirit already in you or are you still waiting for it to come?  me, i think i'm still not in the mood for christmas - still no christmas tree, no christmas light decoration ... and i haven't baked any cookies yet because our oven is broke ... maybe this year it just isn't meant to be ... but well, i'm still in the mood for love. ;) 

... here you can see the photos we shot at the christmas market at the rheingalerie shopping centre in ludwigshafen. some camera tossings and playing with effects. i hope you'll like them. 

camera tossing.

the ferris wheel looks so hyper-fast ... you could think the people were sitting in a rollercoaster XD

there's a ghost in this picture. beware.

so much more atmospheric than the christmas market at the berliner platz in LU. sooo much more ♥

rheingalerie from up above ♥


  1. awesome! I'm living and working near there! I love shopping there :)

  2. Teilweise etwas verwackelt (höhöhö.. ich weiß, schlechter Witz) aber ansonsten schöne Fotos! Weihnachtsmärkte eignen sich einfach zu gut (:

  3. Sieht toll aus ;)

  4. Oh mist, mir fällt gerade auf, dass ich eine Mail noch nicht beantwortet habe ;)


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