Sunday 16 December 2012

the cats of guardamar (and other animals).

... well the town really seemed to be crowded with cats - no joke! i've never seen something comparable to this. you looked out of the window: you saw a cat. you went for a walk in the town: you saw a dozen of them. you just walked alongside the bay: you saw dozens of them. but i really love cats. but i must also say that i suspect many of them to be strays. many of those cats we saw on our several walks through the city looked quite desolate ... 

... but there were many more of our kitty friends! and other lovely animals. birds and dogs and peacocks etc. - in parks, at the bay (haha you REALLY haven't seen such lovely birds in your life, for sure). some of them were quite crazy. well there was the peacock who ate out of the palm of my hand (video just at the bottom of this post! ♥), and crazy horny male pigeons chasing after female ones - no joke! ... i've seen it XD

have fun with the pics! ♥


Danke, dass du deine Gedanken teilst.