Friday 14 December 2012

castillo de guardamar.

the castillo de guardamar lies upon a hill above the town. it looks very medieval, and it really is! the first historical traces can be found in 450AD. the upper part of the castle has an arabic origin and the part lying below is of gothic origin. the castle was nearly completely destroyed in 1829 due to an earthquake.

now you can see the remaining parts of the fortress ... we also found an exposed brick of the castle lying near one of its walls. quite adventurous when you know that you hold something in your hands which is more than one thousand and five houndred years old !!! ... and some parts of the castle look quite scottish, what do you think ?!?

here's the address:

Calle del Castillo


Guardamar del Segura


    phone: +34(96)5724488
    fax: +34(96)5727292

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