Saturday 2 March 2013

STATEMENT: anne wizorek and her outcry against sexism (#aufschrei) - alltagshelden / everyday heroes.

hi dears!

on the 17th of february i already told you that i'm participating in the blog-series 'alltagshelden / everyday heroes', initiated by the blogger lounge on facebook.

yesterday it was anna and saras turn and tomorrow innocence89 will go on.

so who exactly is an everyday hero?

the question is easily answered … anyone. anyone can be an everyday hero. people who help. people with courage.

unfortunately many people these days do not have enough courage to help. they do not get up to offer their seats to the old lady with the many grocery bags. and they look away when somebody gets bothered in the subway… but not every people are like that.

everyday heroes can help on a grand and small scale – but no matter how little the contribution: they can change the world !

… just like anne wizorek. when the debate came up about rainer brüderle, who had to face the admonition that he molested a journalist in a hotel bar one year ago, anne wizorek called women and girls up to talk and write about their experiences with everyday sexual harassment and sexism, indifferent where they needed to face it – on the streets, at work, etc – everything tagged under the slogan #aufschrei (in eng.: outcry) and thousands and thousands of women participated.

anne wizorek thus started a new feministic and gender-based movement – in my opinion very important these days, because sadly sexism happens every day ...

and think about all these sexualized ad's in TV and advertisement posters all around the city, where half-naked women in obvious and obsequious poses are shown as sexually desireable objects – and nothing more!

how come then men do not seem to have respect for their female counterparts in society … ?

i also have been a victim of sexual harassment ... i was 12 when i wore a green neckholder top, shorts and a cowboyhat and i felt pretty - i was on my way back from school and somebody beeped at me. and i can tell that he was no peer, but many years older than me. and i can tell that i still was a child, no teenager, let alone an adult - and you could have seen it !!!

… and i made some more experiences. just think about this: you're going for a stroll around town and continuously you need to hear that you've got a nice butt, be gazed at with hungry eyes and other stuff. i'm sure that my female readers know what i talk about.

there were some other experiences, but i don't want to talk about them here. this is not the right stage for that.

anne wizorek, and her #aufschrei effected and still effects a rethinking of women and their roles in society and the roles they think they have to play.

a long time i didn't want to talk or write about these experiences ... because i was ashamed of what happend ... or because i blamed myself for all this. but it's not like that - the only people who are to blame are men, because of their disrespectful behaviour!
no women ever needs to be ashamed of what she wears or how she behaves - and nothing can and ever will tolerate or excuse sexism, sexual harassment or sexual abuse!

anne wizorek wants to encourage women and girls to talk about their experiences and to fight back - because nothing can tolerate SUCH behaviour!

and i truly think that she is an everyday hero!

here is the link to her twitter-profile.
here is the link to the facebook fanpage.
here you can tell your very own story of experiences with sexism and sexual harassment – also anonymous, if you want to.

now it's up to you - tell me your opinion! 

... what do you think of the gender and sexism discourse and what makes an everyday hero up for you?


  1. Wundervoll geschrieben und ein sehr wichtiges Thema das angesprochen werden muss!

  2. toller post!
    ich finde alltagshelden lassen einen immer wieder etwas an die menschheit glauben und sind mal ne schöne abwechslung zu dem was man sonst in den nachrichten sieht...etc.

    LG Mona

  3. ein abwechslungsreiches Thema , gefällt mir :)

  4. mir gefällt dein blog! :)

  5. Vielen Dank, freut mich sehr :)


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