Saturday 9 March 2013

outfit: tosca.

this was an outfit i wore when i last time visited the national theatre in mannheim. i have seen tosca. a wonderful opera ... e lucevan de stelle (engl.: and the stars were brightly shining) is a must-hear! one of the saddest arias i've ever heard ... amusingly i wore the same outfit already 2 years ago, when i first saw tosca in the theatre and when i gifted my mum with the tickets as a gift for easter. that's why the post is called so - this outfit is tosca. but hopefully i won't die after putting this online XD

satin pussy bow blouse: via ebay
leather skirt: H&M
fur scarf:  bought in landau
cashmere beret: via KK
earrings: disney couture


  1. Nice outfit! :) At first I thought you'd be wearing somme kind of teddy bear around your neck :D

  2. Haha ja, das war mir schon klar, ich meinte auch die Macarons, aber die eclaires sind auch lecker *__* :) LG

  3. Hi Dahi,
    Hatte heute Nachmittag schon versucht zu schreiben, das dürfte aber daneben gegangen sein.Falls nicht, dann sry , wenn ich das hier zweimal schreibe. Find dein Outfit super, wobei mir die Mütze am
    meisten gefällt. Vielleicht, weil sie dir steht ;-)
    LG Naddel

  4. Awesomenesssssssssssss




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