Saturday 23 March 2013

shooting: heart of the ocean.

black vocuhila dress: ASOS
shoes: from a market in guardamar
bracelet: hermès
ring: via ebay
earrings: vintage

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  1. I'm so sorry for this really late reply!
    The blogger meet-up sounds like a lovely idea :)
    She is from Korea, too so she was thinking of going back there to study, but I don't think she will now.
    Haeundae, especially the beach, looks stunning! I would love to travel around Asia one day. The country and the traditions so amazing and interesting.

    Your photos are really nice. Love the bracelet. :)


  2. I guess, thats the point. The idea is great and maybe I would wear one, with a roaring tiger or something like that. This could look very cool in combination with black pants and biker boots.


    Lucky girl! I love to be at the ocean and your bracelet is just so adorable. :)

  3. sommer.... wo bist du hin und wann kommst du zurück?

    tolles kleid! und die bilder ... so schön, so sorglos. sommer ^^

  4. Hi du,
    bis es wieder so warm ist um solche Bilder zu machen ...*seufz*
    Am meisten gefällt mir übrigens gleich das erste Foto. Licht und Stimmung und die Zeichnungen am Himmel find ich gut eingefangen.
    LG Nadine


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