Tuesday 22 April 2014

OUTFIT: all you need is love ... but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

... but too much chocolate isn't good, too. i had to endure that the last days because there was way too much easter chocolate and yes, if it comes to chocolate truffles, bunnies and pralinés i simply cannot say no - which isn't very healthy if you're lactose intolerant. XD but here's something nice: my new chandelier for the living room has arrived and it looks fantastic! also we will visit my new flat again today to see what still needs to be done and today we'll also visit the DIY market to buy wall paint - pink, petrol blue and white (it's gonna be legendarily colourful XD), and also some black paint for a tree which i want to paint into my bedroom and some golden paint for lovely flowers which will grow upon it, and also some white paint for porcelain vases which need a new colour and look. ahhh can't wait - i'm so curious :D

lace dress: love label / sneakers: via ebay.de / bags: from italy / watch: rolex / ring: via ebay.de / earrings: chanel

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  1. Dahi, this yellow lace dress looks so great on you and very pretty :) I love the pink accents you have chosen to go along with it... You look lovely as always girl ♥ Have a really wonderful day :)

    1. Dahi, do you know how much your comments make me smile... I am always so touched that you take such time and write out such detailed and sweet comments... It means a lot to me. Thank you for the biblical quote there... always a great reminder.

      I am sure I will get it all together eventually... but definitely forgiveness is the first key...

      I think getting sleep who help to go a long way for me to be able to feel happiness..

      The person doing this to me is a woman... jealous and insecure, I am done though. I know longer care what she says about me or thinks about me. I may not have the man I love but I certainly have some of the best followers that really take the time to give me beautiful and lovely feedback... I feel like you care and I really like you Dahi. You don't have to post this if you don't want to... we need to find another way to correspond... :)

  2. Sehr hübsch, die gelbe Spitze. ;) Die Farbe steht dir super.

  3. That is a beautiful dress. The color is just perfect for spring!

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  6. Oh, Deine Pläne klingen so wunderschön - fast so schön wie Du in diesem wunderbaren, gelben Kleid aussiehst <3 Und manchmal muss man sich das Leben ein bisschen versüßen, ganz egal, welche Gründe dagegen sprechen ...

    Deine Rena

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  7. Du Arme! Schokolade mögen und Lactose-Intolerant -wie gemein ist das denn, bitte schön?
    Gibt es einen DIY.Markt? Sag mir jetzt aber nicht das ist ein Baumarkt.
    XO Naddel

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