Saturday 26 April 2014

FOOD: cake pop maker test.

lately i have tested my new cake pop maker. i was very interested in the possibility to make cake pops much easier than in 'the traditional way' which indeed has been a very time-consuming and tedious activity ... the first time i have ever made cake pops i worked in the kitchen for at least FOUR HOURS - no joke! oO 

well i haven't expected that it would be this costly in terms of time because if i had known that before i wouldn't have tried out the recipe, but rather would have bought the cake pop maker much earlier XD ... the cake base does taste a bit different than when you're making a real cake which you have to destroy afterwards to form it into cake balls with marmalade as the base for the final cake pops. it tastes more simple, let's say 'basic'. the taste is less sophisticated in the end but they taste very delicious nonetheless. and it's a very nice and expeditious way to make your own cake pops - i have finished mine in 1 1/2 hours, which is QUITE a time saving, as compared to my first try!

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  1. Nom nom nom!
    Schaut lecker aus! <3

  2. Looks so cute and delicious!


  3. Omg these look soooo good! Now I want a cake pop maker. =)


  4. sieht so lecker aus! Wobei ich darf so was zurzeit nicht essen, bin sowieso wegen dem Lernen 6 kg zugenommen! Liebe Dahi, wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Sonntag und herzlichen Dank für deine lieben Kommentare! LG, Xenia

  5. Also aussehen tun sie ja schon enorm lecker, Deine Cake Pops - das finde ich sollten sie auch, wenn man dafür 1 1/2 Stunden in der Küche steht :) Ich muss zugeben, ich habe in meinem ganzen Leben weder selber Cake Pops gemacht, noch jemals einen probiert, so wie es aussieht, ist das ein bisschen ein Fehler ...

    Hoffentlich läuft mit Deiner neuen Wohnung alles bestens liebe dahi!

    Alles Liebe von Rena
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  6. They look delicious!


  7. These look yummy, I think I will use this as a cute little activity for Valentina's birthday, they are small and they would have fun decorating them... :)

    I hope you have a really great weekend, I wanted to tell you that I am taking a break from blogging and media, I need to figure out how to sleep... I'll explain more in my blog tonight :)

  8. I love cake pops! Great post!


  9. hi du,
    just heute habe ich noch eine cake-pop-Silikonform im Laden gesehen.
    Hast du sowas benutzt? Hab nämlich auch noch überlegt wegen dem Teig
    und dachte mir die Pops backen ist ja eigentlich nicht dasselbe..!?!


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