Wednesday 30 April 2014

NEW IN: sheinside, wedges, colours & crowns.

i've got a new haul for you ♥ i have made quite a bulk buying at sheinside a few weeks time ago and some days ago i have received my long awaited package with loads and loads of beautiful apparel & accessoires ... 

i have also bought a dolce & gabbana inspired golden crown for another shooting which should take place soon and a pair of second hand H&M wedges - my old pair got broken last year and i loved them so much because they were unbelievably comfy despite their height, thus i simply wanted to have exactly the same pair of shoes and fortunately i have found it at and bought it immediately XD 

... well i must admit that in terms of shoes and make-up i'm quite oldfashioned. i stick to tried & trusted items ... until they get broken ... or expire XD
how about you?

what do you think of my new precious wardrobe loves? 

#1 crown, via / #2 sunnies, (click) / #3 dress, (click) / #4 shirt, (click) / #5 dress, (click) / #6 dress, (click) / #7 shirt, (click) / #8 wedges, H&M, via / #9 clutch, (click) / #10 coat, (click)

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1 comment:

  1. Na solange es bequem ist, passt und gefällt -sch* was drauf !
    Da gibt es kein oldfashion, höchstens ein "passt nicht zum Typ" ;-)
    soviel übrigens auch zum "altbacken" zeig doch mal das outfit, von dem Tag als das Mädels das zu dir gesagt hat. Würde mich mal interessieren. Ich finde es bei dir oft ungewöhnlich und -ja- bei Einzelteilen dachte ich schon mal an sowas wie "altbacken". Aber der Rest deiner Kombi ist dann meist so ungewöhnlich, dass ich das Gesamtoutfit spannend finde.
    Oder wie gibst du dich "live" ? ;-)


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