Wednesday 14 May 2014

NEW IN: i love android, pink, hello kitty and & shoes.

guys, i've got a new haul for you ♥ i have received some beautiful new stuff for my wardrobe and work. i have bought an adidas fleece jacket for the fitness studio - i have bought this nice piece for 10€ at - i have also bought a homework book so that i do not forget homework assigned for my pupils - of course it's a hello kitty one in pink. i LOVE hello kitty - guess it's an asian characteristic XD

and since i love my android-based smartphone i simply HAD to buy this geeky shirt to show my love - i also think that their mascot is simply an outburst of cuteness - don't you think? ... XD 

... and there are also some new shoes. i had some very comfortable black leather sneakers which i have worn very very often and which were totally worn out and also got quite dirty due to our work on painting the walls in my new home. thus i have bought some new one. i have found a nice pair at - i also have found some beautiful hidden sneaker wedges in red. and i also wanted to own a pair of comfortable and fashionable house shoes for my new home. i have found a super beautiful pair of those, also at - they are white and embellished with marabou feathers.

... and some days ago my new chippendale inspired golden mirror arrived, which will hang in my living room - i'm already in love with it - how about you? ♥

 #1 house shoes, via / #2 sneakers, via / #3 fleece jacket: adidas, via / #4 hidden sneaker wedges, via / #5 mirror, via / #6 android shirt: google store (click) / #7 homework book: hello kitty, via

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  1. I love the house shoes... they are so pretty. I had a pair like this for my Valentina when she was little ... without the heel of course :)

    Yay to getting closer to moving in completely, you are finding some awesome things :) Have a great Wednesday girl and never stop smiling <3

  2. Lot of new amazing shoes and clothes in to your wardrobe, wanna see looks soon!

  3. Fabulous post, dear!

  4. Love the first Sneakers :)
    I follow you now via bloglovin
    Please follow back

  5. Cozy shoe selections! Lovely blog. Looking forward to more. (:

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  6. Ich kenne sogar einen erwachsenen Mann, der voll auf hello kitty steht :-) ich selbst bin davon kein fan, aber es gibt offenbar richtig viele fanartikel nicht nur für Kinder und das hat wiederum etwas,das ich gut finde!
    Ich hab mir die tage auch neue sneaker zugelegt, allerdings flache. Deine mag ich, nur habe ich bisher noch keine gefunden mit dessen Absatz ich überleben kann ;-)


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