Monday 5 May 2014

OUTFIT: i was once a treehouse, i lived in a cake.

this is my favourite outfit when i start a new baking session because it's comfy, yet chic - of course i won't wear my glasses at home, but those cat eye sunnies simply make you look cool, so i like wearing them while making outfit photos XD - you might also have noticed that here. my new flat also assumes shape - we have finished painting the bathroom (white), hall (white), living room (pink) and started with the bedroom (blue) and the kitchen (white). afterwards i will further plan the furniture arrangement and where to hang up my all white photo frames and where to put the all new white coloured vases and the new chippendale inspired golden mirror which i have found at - i will post pictures of the renovation process soon so stay tuned 

... btw i have chosen this post header because today's outfit is so colourful and the cake pictures reminded me of one of my favourite geek songs from my university time: 'the llama song'. we have sung the llama song nearly everyday - or quoted llamas with hats or charlie the unicorn or other funny vids by FilmCow and jason steele. or we did other super nerdy stuff ... ah yeah we were quite crazy back then XD

dress: vintage, via / cardigan: vintage, via / cupckaes: by dahi k. (click)


  1. Wnna see your new flat soon :-)

  2. Cute dress!


  3. Very Cute post! The outfit and the cupcake are so perfect together.

  4. Oh der Look ist zuckersüß :) Ich liebe die knallige Kombination von Rot und Grün. Sehr, sehr schick ^^

    Liebe Grüße


  5. Love the color combination of green and red!! <3


  6. The red print outfit looks great with your color Dahi... girl I missed you and I missed your blog... I wanted to drop by but I knew I would just write a book... hahaha

    I hope the move is coming along... I don't think it has happened yet but I know it is soon... I can't wait to see your place when it is all done.

    I am back, still no sleep but I am resting.. I am actually off to bed soon... I just missed blogging so much and all the people... you are one of my favorites... email me anytime... Have a great day... <3


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