Wednesday 27 March 2013 wishlist.

do you know if not we got to change this very quickly! is an online flea market where you can sell your own clothes you do not want to wear anymore and also buy 'new' clothes. the search engine works very efficiently and you can find so many beautiful second hand and vintage clothes because there are many members with a very good taste. i love the site and i visit it nearly every day - not only because of the clothes but also because of the nice community and the forum. it's really worth browsing through! today i want to show you some of the articles on my wishlist. oh, there are just too many beautiful clothes and less money, haha.

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  1. Some of the clothes would i also wear. Very nice and interest post :)

    Yours Mary

  2. Ist die Registrierung bei Kleiderkreisel kostenlos ???

  3. da sind ja echt ein paar schätzchen dabei, die würde ich auch haben wollen :)
    bin auch dort und bin froh, so ein paar schrankleichen loszuwerden und neue kleider zu bekommen ;)


  4. hahahah meine wishlist ist auch unendlich :D

  5. Das royalblaue Kleid mit den Cutouts habe ich auch eine Zeit lang beobachtet ... ;) Ziemlich spannend, was andere sich so wünschen :)
    Liebe Grüße
    Carla von


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