Wednesday 18 December 2013

OUTFIT: the spice in your smile is magic to me ♥

good morning my dears! tomorrow my mum will get married in the registry office of giessen and i will her, and of course i will visit her wedding, even if it's only a bureaucratic thing, because she will also get married in white in a protestant church in gießen. registry office weddings mostly are quite a bald matter, except when you don't get churched afterwards, or paraphrase, don't celebrate your wedding religiously affiliated. but in the case of my mum it's not the only wedding ceremony so it won't be a big deal. anyways i want to look perfect for her (first) great wedding day and for this purpose i will wear my recently bought mango dress for the very first time. i will wear it with the white coat which i also bought at mango. i already wore the latter on monday when me and a friend had a girls night with cocktails and stuff. both pieces are so very comfy, yet classy and i love them, especially in combination! i will also wear my LV bag, statement earrings, my rolex watch and heels, of course. but i don't know yet if it will be the pair which you can see on the photographs. by the way all pictures were again taken by me (and a self-timer and tripod, of course XD).

afterwards there will be an oyster and champagne dégustation at lothars place and a main course. i will cater for the dessert and bring buttered cookies, rum truffles, marzipan potatoes and in addition my newly baked gingerbread men which i want to finish today - i already prepared the dough yesterday and it had to be steeped overnight.

i will be so glad if you tell me what you think of my outfit. have a lovely day 

dress: mango / heels: vintage / bag: louis vuitton / earrings: via ebay / watch: rolex / ring: via ebay / glasses: aktiv optik


  1. I love that red dress!


  2. I adore this dress, the color, the style, the look and paired with the black tights and shoes, it looks great :)

  3. Trop classe =) super chic, j'adore ;)

  4. Welche Schuhe ständen denn noch zur Auswahl? Die hier finde ich irgendwie noch nicht zu 100% passend… Vielleicht etwas Zierlicheres?

    Liebst, ina

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  5. Beautiful red dress.


  6. Liebe dahi, was ich von Deinem Outfit denke? Dass es Dir sogar noch besser steht, als ich mir eh schon gedacht habe, ich kann nur wiederholen, dass dieses Kleid wie gemacht für Dich ist! Hoffentlich habt Ihr den Tag der standesamtlichen Trauung genossen und gut verbracht - ich bin überzeugt davon, dass nicht nur Dein Outfit Spitze war sondern auch das Dessert, denn dafür hast ja schließlich Du gesorgt <3

    An Deine Mama und Ihren neuen Mann alles Liebe und Gute und von Herzen viel Glück. Und ich bin jetzt gespannt, was Du auf die kirchliche Trauung anziehst :)

    Alles Liebe von Rena

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