Monday 2 December 2013

shopping love: I LOVE MANGO ♥

when i was younger, labels like jil sander or mango didn't attract me. clean chic was kinda boring in my eyes. my mum always said that less is more, and simple and apparel with sharp patterns and decent details has much more class than at the first glance brash dressing up. i must admit that i love to cut a dash, with pops of colour, flamboyant patterns and loads of statement jewellery. but since the last few years became more and more interested in mango. my favourite pair of jeans is from mango - i love the quality of the fabric and the wearing comfort. and since this year i'm very much in love with nearly every piece of apparel there. when i went to giessen two months, i visited their mango store and saw a beautiful red dress, which i bought some days ago at the rheingalerie departement store, and additionally a beautiful white woolen coat. my mum told me that i might love mango because i'm grown up now, and i think that she is right ...

for me mango is somewhat a younger and hipper version of jil sander ... and what do you think?
and now: have fun with my favourite seasonal pieces from mango :) 


Danke, dass du deine Gedanken teilst.