Monday 23 December 2013

travelling love: the christmas market in heidelberg ♥

on saturday i went to heidelberg with my bff and we spent a lovely afternoon in the historic district and its wonderful christmas market and little lovely lodges which were spread all over the high street, the bismarckplatz and the wonderful square where you can directly look onto the beautiful castle of heidelberg, sat on an elevation where you can also find the beautiful castle garden and the königsstuhl, a nice viewpoint close by and where you can also look onto the philosophers path over the way. 

we drank mulled wine, ate chestnuts and chocolate covered strawberries and visited a lovely new candy store called 'heidelberger bonbon manufaktur' where you should really stop by - it has such a lovely interior design, not at all fussy, yet very warm, and you can try all the candies shown there! the salted caramel with fleur de sel was extremely delicious. 

we also visited my favourite liquor store which i haven't visited for many years. the last time i went to the historic district of heidelberg ought to be some years ago
2008 i was studying protestant theology there for one semester, but i didn't like it. but i always, always loved the city by itself. it has such a warm atmosphere and i love the mentality of the people - although many people say that it is full of in-crowd youngsters and others consorting with them. but i don't care :) when i was younger, i have regularly visited heidelberg, also because i have played at guide for many korean friends. 

what a shame that there are so many wonderful sights near by but we do not brace ourselves up more often to visit them - and there are so many people who take the time to travel to them from faraway. when we stayed in heidelberg we have seen and heard american, japanese, korean, french and inhabitans from many other countries. and heidelberg isn't even half an hour away from my domicile.

let's stop procrastinating and start experiencing some more! yes, that's a nice new year's resolution, don't you think? what are yours, by the way?

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  1. Oh nein, wie toll! Ich habe dieses Jahr meine Liebe für Weihnachtsmärkte neuentdeckt ♡ Und der Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt sieht ja wohl richtig richtig toll aus! Vielleicht trifft man sich ja nächstes Jahr einfach einmal auf einen Glühwein ;)

    Ich muss übrigens immer noch die ganze Zeit wegen deiner tollen Post grinsen ;D

    Liebst, ina

    Macht mit bei meinen diesjährigen Adventsgiveaways!

  2. Beautiful pictures I was at satrday in Basel to their market place :)

  3. the shots are breathtaking! :D

  4. lovely photos! :)

  5. Such gorgeous scenery in these pictures ;-) ♡

  6. Oh I love all of these photos! It looks like you are having a wonderful Christmas season!


  7. Nice photos!



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