Thursday 26 December 2013

instaweek - dec 13

hi dears! this is my first instagram related post. since the 11th of december i'm in possession of a samsung galaxy s2 and shortly after i downloaded loads of lovely apps, especially instagram. i'm already using it very eagerly and i'm loving it! below you can see my last week in instapictures. very christmas related and full of impressions of selfmade goodies and quality time with my beloved ones. all pictures were taken myself and most of them with my samsung galaxy s2.

  1. morning glory
  2. my christmas tree
  3. selfmade christmas cookies
  4. enlighted candles in the chapel in oggersheim
  5. selfmade lovely gingerbread men
  6. mummy getting married
  7. yummie oysters
  8. christmas market in heidelberg
  9. heidelberger bonbon manufaktur
  10. irish coffee
  11. selfmade crystal dolphin from a friend
  12. christmas lights in mannheim
  13. enlighted christmas pyramid
  14. french wine
  15. selfmade advent wreath by mummy
  16. christmas cookies with selfmade frosting

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  1. Lovely photos.


  2. Glad you decided to get instagram! Looking forward to more of these posts x
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    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  3. Beautiful photo collage! You have great instagram photos!


  4. beautiful photos! ;)


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